July 22, 2024


The Gods Made Home

A Wealth of Variety in Oak Dining Room Furniture

Oak wood is an attractive, strong hardwood with rich tones and is available in a wide variety of colors from deep brown to whitish-gray. There are several species in oak, depending on where it originates from – Japan, Korea, North America etc, and all varieties are popular across the world as furniture, flooring and construction wood. Oak wood furniture in North America is largely available in red, white and English (or European) oak, the most popular being the red variety because of its affordability. Red oak is a straight-grained, coarse textured, pinkish-red wood. White oak has longer grains, is more compact between grains and therefore provides for a smoother, even glass-like finish. Colors vary from deep to pearly gray. White oak is the harder of the two, more exclusive and therefore more expensive. It is preferred for fine furniture. The variety of choice in oak dining room furniture offered between the two is amazing.

Dining tables in oak wood are available in sizes ranging from the bistro set which informally seats two quite comfortably, to the eight-seater formal dining and everything in between. Styles come in trestle, traditional and contemporary to suit every taste, and in a variety of shapes – round, square, rectangular and oblong. Careful selection of your oak dining room furniture would complement the dimensions of your dining room or dining area. The texture and grain of the wood, whether red or white, is too attractive to be overlaid with a table-cloth, so invest in a variety of colorful mats and runners to give your dinner table a different, fresh appeal every day.

Chairs in oak dining room furniture can be bought as part of the dining set, or separately if you prefer a little variation. There is a huge variety in armchairs or side chair options to suit your preference and available space. You could chose from the popular ladder back, spindle back or lattice back. Lattice backs are available in square and diamond variations as well. The range of shapes in chair backs continue into straight or curved backs, leather or tapestry backs, high and low backs and in antique, traditional or contemporary styles. Options for seats range from cushioned, upholstered and plain in both, armchair and side chair varieties.

Your dining suite will not be complete without an attractive sideboard or a couple of corner cabinets to set the room off. Make a selection from the range of buffets, servers and dressers available in pleasing oak dining room furniture that would best suit your storage requirement as well as serve as display surface for your prized Wedgwood, silverware and perhaps a potted flowering plant. These units are available on tall, curved or spindle legs, as well-built straight down to the floor offering maximum drawer or cabinet space. You will find them in the width, height and depth that would best suit you. Add an eye-catching mirror and transform the whole space with some artistic lighting to give yourself the kind of dining ambiance you always visualized.