May 27, 2024


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Adorning Your Child’s Room

Kids do need special attention – be it shopping for their clothes, their school books or their favourite toys and comics. But that is not all. Once your little one gets his or her own special bedroom in the house, you may want to add a special touch to it and make it unique and comfortable for the little one. Decorating kids’ rooms can be an enjoyable activity and also a change from boring house work.

Art for children’s rooms is not just about stuffed toys and little bunk beds. You can use your imagination to add decor to all walls, windows and doors. With some charming nursery wall decor, you can make the room more appealing and a place of joy for your kiddies. It could be with their favourite cartoon characters or pictures of vibrant landscapes and seascapes.

A good idea to begin decorating a kids’ room is to select a exciting theme. If you have a single child, you may like to pick a suitable colour – Peachy Pink or Powder Blue. The walls can then be made more interesting with some pictures of your little child. On other parts of the wall, framed pictures of animals and cartoon characters will also make your child happy. A professional service provider for kids wall art can offer you a wide range of pictures and themes to select from. Without spoiling the paint of your walls, you can add some decor and more colour to your child’s space. All his/her friends would also prefer to play in this little nursery, where they get a more customized environment. Even if you are planning for a birthday or an Easter party and invite tiny tots to enjoy with your own little one, there wont be much left to decorate the place for a party look.

Canvas art work, art prints, stationery, accessories and toys can add a lot of character to kids’ room. The theme could be anything as per your child’s individual tastes. A playhouse is an example. Probably, you can paint a mural of a street scene on one of the walls. Name the store fronts as per his/her friends names to personalize it – Jamie’s Bike Shop, Susan’s Pet Corner, Kevin’s Book Nook and Ben’s Bakery.

A Jungle Safari look can be another design. You may need to add some wall paper and pictures of animals roaming in forests. Stuffed toys put on the walls with a forest look can also do the trick.

Do not ignore the essential kit. A bookshelf, a study table, a cupboard and probably a box for kids’ toys and board games is required in all rooms. But when you have the services of a professional for decorating kids’ room, even these will not be out of sync.

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