April 22, 2024


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Arowana Care – How to Spot Good Qualities in an Arowana

Among the species of Arowanas, the Asian Arowana (Scleropages formosus) is the most sought after of them all because they have the natural color of gold and red which some people believe are rare, valuable and bring good fortune to their owners. However, as they are rare, these Southeast Asian water fishes are hard to breed which makes them more expensive. As they are considered endangered species, they are now being bred under license and closely monitored by the Asian agricultural authorities to stop people from selling them in the black market.

Asian Arowanas come in many varieties and all of them originate from different locations of Southeast Asia. There is now the green Arowana in Indonesia, the Banjar red in Banjar Nasin, Indonesia, the Golden Crossback and the Tong Yang Arowana of Vietnam and Indonesia. All these varieties of Asian Arowanas are rare and it is very hard finding them in one location.

However, the fact remains that not all Arowanas are expensive because there are seven Arowana species that have different grades and values. If you want to be a collector of Arowanas, you have to build your knowledge on how to spot their best assets so that you can be able to have Arowanas that can give value for your money. Arowanas with excellent qualities always command the best price so here are some tips oh how to spot those qualities.

1. Remember that the more color definition the Arowana has, the more that it increases its value. So the more combination of colors and makes it strikingly beautiful and the greater its value as well.

2. Depth in its color is one quality you must watch out for so if its body has a deeper color the higher it can command its value.

3. Dimension is always a plus factor for Arowanas. If the proportion and size of the body of the fish is according to its age, then it adds points to its value.

4. There should not be any blemishes, marks, sunburn, bites, cuts, scar or missing scales as these decreases the value of the fish.

5. Personality is a very important asset of every Arowana because every fish is unique. The same goes with the buyer as each buyer will be looking for a fish that resemble his personality. This part is always up to the buyer’s preference.

6. Finally, age is a plus factor that can affect the price of the Arowana fish. Although it is a bit hard to determine the true personality, color and dimension of the fish until it reaches its 24th month, this implies that juvenile Arowanas are cheaper than adult Arowanas because the true color of the fish will not show up until they mature. To make you spot a better quality fish, always opt for matured fish.