June 14, 2024


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Be a Computer Guru and Earn Money

If you have skills with a computer, than why not put them to use and make some cash? This is a great and relatively easy way to make some extra money because many people are not computer gurus.

How To Start

What you will want to do first is start small. While it may seem hard to find people who experience computer problems in public, putting an ad in a newspaper isn’t going to land you many clients because this field is usually very over saturated with competition. So the best way to start out is by printing out flyers detailing your service. Will you be focusing only on the software aspects of a computer, the hardware portion, or both? Remember that fixing computers is not usually rocket science, and if you cant figure out a solution on your own, the internet can do wonders (as you may already know).

A great place to post your flyers are at public areas (where you are permitted). Check with local businesses and ask if you can post flyers in their building. The key is to target your primary audience, which is usually middle aged people and older.

The best way to get clients is to use your age to your benefit. Most people with computer problems are going to be much older than you are and they most likely equate computer literate people to young people like yourself. By saying your 16 and want to help fix someones computer at half the price as professional shops, they’ll give you a call.


Computer repair prices vary and most of the time businesses will charge by the hour, or simply charge a flat fee. The easiest thing to do is to stay negotiable. Compare your prices to other repair shops and cut them in half. The lower you go, the more chance you will have a returning customer.

One other element you should think about is whether you will be working from within your residence or making house calls. While the former may seem easier on your part, you may not receive as many customers as if you were offering to go to their residence and fix the problem for them. And think about other people living with you. Will they like to have people drop by with computer parts all the time? The latter is probably the best choice as far as business is concerned, however it also requires a mode of transportation.

Lastly, print yourself out some nice business cards and watch the cash roll in.