July 22, 2024


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Bermuda Shutters

Bermuda shutters add exotic island flair to interior decoration of homes and offices. They are the best possible shutters to give your home a personal decor and international taste. Available in various designs, the Bermuda shutters are most preferred among the decorators for protection extended by them to walls from damaging effects of direct sunlight.

For their awesome look and varied decorative fabrication, these shutters are most preferred by the coastal and desert communities. They can be opened from the horizontal angle which ensures strong protection from the sunlight without affecting free air flow. Though a derivative product of the coastal culture of Bermuda, yet its decorative appeal has cross-cultural impact irrespective of geographical locations. Now, they are in great demand for their rising use by many exteriors throughout the world.

The chunky lines and fabulous beauty of the Bermuda shutters are well synthesized with natural taste and texture of authentic wood. Wooden shutters due to its crafted fine detail post a wonderful flair on your home or business decoration. High quality woods like Pine, Redwood and Western Red Cedar grain texture crafted on them are worth of your money value. Putting custom made painting on the shutters add to their decorative value.

These Shutters are mostly designed for tropical homes and effective for use against sun screening and reasonable storm protection. A panel of the shutters is enough to cover the whole window. It is fixed with a custom-fit support arm so that the product hangs from the top and remains in open position to ensure ocean breezes during afternoon naps.

Selecting Bermuda shutters

While selecting the your shutters, following basic things need to be taken care of.

Sizing: Correct sizing is the most causative factor in your bid to have the window externally decorated. Before ordering for the shutter, be sure of the correct measurement of your window. Even if your Bermuda shutters are non-functional sizing them properly is the greatest requirement to have a tasteful decoration of your home.

Rail and Stile Dimensions: Before installing the product you must ensure that the dimensions of the stiles and rails should be balanced to the general size of the shutter. To avoid your window from blocking the side bolt, the central rail must not be offset to the sash and latch from the inside.

Wood Quality: Use of high-quality and decay-resistant wood like Western Red Cedar or Mahogany is certain to give a long life and better flair to the shutters. A thicker shutter though better needs for 1-5/16″ thick rails and stiles.

Protecting Your Shutters: Always go for capping. Copper cap is a smart option though aluminum is handy and more cost-effective. Before applying paints on them use a good primer. Never forget top re-coat any failing paint instantly to guarantee the longevity.

Hardware Specification: hardware is as vital to the overall look of windows. Properly painted and cared for shutter hardware lasts a long time. Stainless steel hardware ensures durability and most suitable for coastal applications. With regard to the hardware style you have to search for a good supplier and apprise him of your personal choice. Preference for quality embodied and designer locks, pull rings, and bullet catches add to the style.