July 22, 2024


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Bowling Bags Are Used to Protect and Transport Bowling Balls, Shoes and Other Bowling Accessories

When I started bowling over 40 years ago the only bowling bags had hard sides. My bag served its purpose for years, even though my ball weighed 14 lbs. and the bag itself wasn’t light. It protected the ball and helped to transport the bowling ball, bowling shoes and other bowling accessories.

The next style of bowling bags developed was the softer plastic sided ones. These bags also have pockets for the shoes and other accessories. They were not as heavy and were easier to transport l to 3 bowling balls.

From the soft plastic sided bowling bags, the soft sided fabric bags were introduced. These bags are even easier to transport l to 3 balls. Some of the first rolling bags had small wheels and a strap attached to one end of the bag to pull the bag. The bags now have different size wheels and a pull up handle to pull the bag. These larger wheels and better designed handles have made the bag easier to roll when transporting the balls and accessories. These new bags have many choices of color combinations.

The most popular bowling bags now are the soft sided bag rollers. There are more and more bowlers who have more than one ball when bowling in leagues and tournaments. A large number of bowlers bowl in more than one establishment, in the same city or a neighboring city, for leagues or tournaments,therefore, it is not practicable for these type of bowlers to store the ball or balls and accessories in the house locker. A bowling ball can weigh from 8 lbs to 16 lbs. Say the bowler has 2 balls each weighing 16 lbs, that is 32 lbs. plus 10 lbs. for the double bag roller and then add the shoes and other accessories for about 5 lbs. adding to a total of 57 lbs. With a bowling bag roller the bowler just pulls the bag to transport the balls and accessories and then only has to lift that 57 lbs. into the vehicle.

A bowling bag has become a necessity for bowlers of this age. Many cities have more than one establishment and tournaments are held in different cities each year, therefore, bowlers need to transport their bowling balls and other accessories in an easy way. Whether you have one ball or more, you can choose a bowling bag, tote or a rolling bag to suit your needs.