May 29, 2024


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Effective Homemade Colon Cleanse Recipe

The colon may just b the last part of our digestive system, but it needs to be given a lot of attention when it comes to its health. Being it at the very end of the digestive track, all of the toxins found in the remnants of foods are all exposed to it. Because of this, we may be having some digestion problems. It is because the toxins can damage our colon which sometimes might even result to having cancer. We can prevent this by taking colon cleanse regimens every once in a while.

Colon cleansing is done by using pills, supplements and other methods in helping us eliminate the harmful toxins out of our body as well as regulating the bowel movement. We can also do this by making homemade colon cleanse recipes. Most people still rely on these because they are all made by natural ingredients and we can easily perform it at home without using any medications.

Here are the effective homemade colon cleanse recipes:

1. Double Cleanse Recipe

This is just a regular smoothie drink. It is a mixture of apple juice, water, colofiber, psylllium husk and bentonite. These ingredients are mixed until it is thicken like a smoothie. After that, we drink two tbsp of homey together with spring water and apple cider vinegar. This will do the cleansing for a few days of regular intake. Also observe the avoidance of solid foods while performing this cleansing.

2. Herbal Cleanse

Herbals like aloe vera, cascara, sanna and ginger are very effective herbs for the cleansing of the colon. The use of herbs is known to be one of the most effective homemade colon cleanse recipes. Mixture of the said herbs with water needs to be taken daily for three days to replace solid foods.

3. Aqua Cleanse

This is an easy and effective recipe for cleaning the colon. All we need to do is abstain from caffeine, alcohol, food and calories within three days. Only water is taken for the whole 3 days of this cleansing. That way, all of the left toxins in the body will be eliminated without adding new ones.

4. High Fiber

Eating foods and drinking juices that are high with natural fiber is also very effective in getting rid of body toxins. Fiber is what helps push out the toxins out. If we take high amounts of fiber, our body will sure be free of any toxins for in just a few days.

5. Spirulina

This cleanser is taken together with a smoothie with ingredients like apple cider vinegar, green papaya and other fruits. After that, we take 10 mg of spirulina which is a supplement that is high in fiber. This needs to be taken in an entire week for best results.

These effective homemade colon cleanse recipes need a lot of patience. It will take you days without any solid foods so a complete change in lifestyle is required.