April 23, 2024


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Female Orgasms – How to Find the G-Spot and Make Her Orgasm

One of the greatest misconceptions amongst men and woman, is that the G-Spot is difficult to locate, and therefore mostly impossible to stimulate. This is a misnomer that causes many women the lack of great multiple orgasms.

Let us look at how to find and stimulate the G-spot;

The G-Spot can be located along the front wall of the vagina. It will be approximately 3 inches deep. When inserting a moistened finger, feel along the wall (with an upturned palm) until you come across a rough, soft or bumpy patch the size of a quarter. This bumpy patch is the G-spot.

To stimulate the G-Spot, you need to apply enough pressure on it. Simply touching it will not do. Ask you partner if she feels anything. Do not give up if she says no. Just continue applying more pressure until she responds positively. As soon as she reacts with pleasure, keep on applying the pressure in tapping movements until she reaches orgasm.

After her orgasm has been reached, the G-Spot can be stimulated as long as the both of you have the energy. This is one organ that can reach multiple orgasms throughout the night.

It is preferable that your woman urinates before engaging in G-Spot stimulation. The reason for this is that stimulating the G-spot can produce the sensation of wanting to urinate. Urinating before her G-spot is stimulated will help her relax, as she will be assured that the sensation of wanting to urinate is simply a sign that she is about to achieve a G-spot orgasm.