July 22, 2024


The Gods Made Home

Formal and Informal Dining Room Decor

Not every home has extra space set aside for a dining room. However when you do, it can be a wonderful unifying space, giving you countless options for celebrations, socialization, and family fun.

The centerpiece of any dining room will be the table and chair set. This will determine the style of the entire space, and all of the other elements in the room should act as support for that centerpiece statement.

A formal dining room will want to match a chair with tables built and designed in the same style. Many formal arrangements will also try to maintain stylistic unity throughout the entire space, with all of the elements in the room being taken from a single period, or type of design.

More adventurous decorators will attempt to mix and match styles from different periods, using unifying elements such as color or patterns to bring the room together.

In general a formal dining room will use more traditional elements, such as hardwood furnishings rather than stainless steal, in order to maintain an air of classical dignity.

High, straight backed chairs, finely worked details, and elements of formality and sophistication are all part of a formal dining arrangement.

If you prefer to create a more informal atmosphere in the space, you can use a variety of funky colors, intriguing patterns, and relaxed elements.

The walls are a great place to relax the décor of this space. There you can use interesting wall paper, or use stencils to create murals, and add a personal touch to the space.

The walls are also a great place to hang portraits, or paintings, which will help round out the tone of the entire room.

One way to incorporate both formal and informal ambiance into a dining space is to use a casual cottage decorating style. This movement takes its cues from an informal bed and breakfast, with reclaimed hardwood furnishings, quirky decorative accessories, and clean but simply table linen sets.

The choice between a formal and informal dining area isn’t set in stone, and is not sharply defined by and visible line. Instead there are formal elements that can be contrasted with quirkier pieces, to create an atmosphere which is perfect for your individual situation.