July 22, 2024


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How to Hit the G-spot and Make Her Climax Without Control

After so many years of love-making you are probably aware that a woman’s g-spot definitely makes her climax. But if you are facing a problem with inducing more number of climaxes by just working her g-spot then you have to read on. Here I have put together two ways to hit her g-spot good and make her climax without any control.

Tip 1

You don’t have to penetrate your woman with your penis to induce g-spot orgasms. You could even reach her g-spot during foreplay and it’s simply done by inserting your fingers into her vagina and by touching the spot that is two inches away. When you find her writhing with pleasure then you sure do know that you have hit the right spot. Keep rubbing her g-spot with your fingers while you caress and kiss her body.

Tip 2

When you penetrate your woman, ensure that your strokes are long and slow. This would tease your woman’s g-spot because you are not jabbing in but stroking the spot ever so slightly. After a few orgasms of hers, increase your pace. This would bring her back to the rhythm and she would start reaching the peak of her climax again. At this point make certain that you slower your pace again. This will ensure that you do not have your orgasm too soon but at the same time you will be hitting her g-spot so very well.

Try these two simple tips and see how well you hit your woman’s g-spot and make her climax without control.