May 27, 2024


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How to Spot a Fake Burberry Scarf

The online marketplace is, at any given time, flooded with phony Burberry merchandise. It is not uncommon to see handbags, wallets, perfume and everything else in between replicated by the pallet in China and then shipped to the USA. This is more common than every with the Burberry scarf. Especially during winter months and around the holiday season, you will see a sizable bump in fake Burberry scarves on places like eBay etc. This does not mean that it is impossible to find an authentic scarf online, it just means you have to be a little more focused when you do.

Label: Everything made by Burberry is made of high quality, and this includes every piece of the merchandise, including things that are seemingly as irrelevant like a label. Many people concern themselves with that the label should say, this is important also, but this article will deal specifically on what the label should look like. But more importantly, the quality of the label. An authentic label will not be a cheap fabric, with a screen printed logo. The authentic label will have a noticeably textured appearance. The weave of the fabric will be evident, and the label will have texture to it. Meaning if you run your finger over the label, you can feel the granular ridges from the weave pattern. The logo, the Burberry font, will also have the same quality texture, it will not be a cheaply printed on logo, or a superficial stamp. On a fake label, it may not have any noticeable texture, and the logo will most likely have a superficially printed appearance.

Logo: The letters in the font on a phony Burberry scarf may also, if they are screen printed on superficially, have a blotchy appearance in places. The logo may even bleed in places into the label background. An authentic logo will have a crisp, clear and symmetric look. There will be no signs of bleeding or any blotchy or irregular spots in the font itself. The tips are not all the details concerning a fake Burberry scarf, but many of the phonies on the market can be avoided with a simple inspection of the label. Good luck and safe shopping!