May 29, 2024


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How to Spot a Fake Ed Hardy Handbag

  • Interior Label: Inside the handbag is a fabric label. On the front of the label should be the logo: “Ed Hardy” centered within the label, and “by Christian Audigier” centered underneath. Always study the symmetry of the logos, if they are crooked or uneven within the label that is always a red flag. On the backside of the label should be a serial number. This number sequence should have two sets of numbers separated by a hyphen. There should also be a line underneath the serial number running horizontally. This feature is singular to Ed Hardy. On the horizontal stitch line there should be a reflective feature, or fabric. This means that the line should slightly glow, or shimmer when placed under direct light. When you tilt the label under the light, it should blink like a hologram feature. This is not a dramatic sparkle, but a subtle one that can be easily noticed when checked. Many fake handbags will not include this unique feature. So study the interior label: The front for the correctly centered logos, and the back for the serial number with hyphen and the underline for the reflective feature.
  • Handbag Texture: Ed Hardy has a unique multi-textured exterior consisting of canvas/leather, silk screen, embroidery and rhinestones. This means that the handbag flows from grainy to smooth to peaked and rigid. This is a quality feature the phony bags will get incorrect. Counterfeiters may use some type of embroidery and possibly silk screen but they will leave out the rhinestones. Or they will attach some stones but leave out the embroidery feature. Many fakes will not incorporate all these textures, especially the rhinestones. Stones would be the most timely and expensive feature, so always check to make sure the handbag has actual stones, (if it is a model ed Hardy originally manufactured with rhinestones). Good luck and safe shopping!