May 27, 2024


The Gods Made Home

How to Spot a User

Do you want to spot a user and know if you’re just something of a “tool” to a person? Do you want to stop people from just using you when they need something and then fleeing away when you’re the one in need? Are you tired of being used? Then have some respect for yourself and take credit for what you are worth. You should know that these people don’t have the right to play you around and use you for their own selfish reasons. Whoever they may be-a guy you are dating or a friend who always seem to have a favor to ask, they do not have the right to push you around, because you should be your own boss. Here are some ways on how to spot a user:

Observe how they talk to you.

If they begin every conversation with compliments about you, and end up asking you for tons and tons of favors, then cut yourself loose because they’re on the roll again. You may not be able to notice it before, but come to think of it, their compliments weren’t at all sincere-they just indulge you into thinking that you are the most awesome person that they know who would do just anything for them.

Observe how they listen to you.

Talk to them for a time and then quiz them on what you said-you’d be lucky if they were able to recall even half of what you uttered. Users like talking too much about themselves but are very poor listeners. They would come up to you with all the baggage in their chest and expect you to take them all in so they can have someone to share the weight with. But when it’s you’re turn to listen, they’re almost too deaf to hear. These are just some signs that you could observe to spot a user.

They seem detached, tired or too sad to help you.

Again, they are only good in taking from other people, but when their turn comes to help, they fold in and seem helpless. You would think twice before sharing your baggage to them because they seem too weak to handle your problems, while you spend your time carrying half of theirs.