May 24, 2024


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How to Spot Fake Designer Watches Those Are Being Sold Online

To a layman, a fake designer watch may be impossible to differentiate from the genuine one. While you are rooming in the markets to look out for Watch then you must be aware of the fact that this is an investment timepiece. You will come to know that the prices start in thousands; thus, you initial clue could be the fake price tag. If you find yourself helpless with a deal then you should be taking sometime to make sure that you are not being fooled by fake watches that have been sold online.

For this reason, you would require having a flashlight and water. Following are some of the means via which you will be able figure out the difference between the fake watches and the original ones.

First of all, you need to check out the price. Prices for watches start approximately $2,000. If you happen to come across an online store where it is being offered for few hundred Dollars then it is unlikely that you are just being lucky and have stumbled upon an amazing deal. If you are too convinced, then buy the watch and then take it to an authorized dealer for further verification. If the watch is not genuine then you simply can return it or opt for dispute charges via your credit card firm in case the store refuses to refund.

The second best approach is to feel the weight of the watch in your hand. If you have a real watch then it will weigh more than a cheap watch. This is because all the materials that have been used to make the genuine designer watch are heavier than those who are just trying to knock-off. If you feel that the watch is chintzy then it is more likely not real.

Another means is to Wind the watch and then examine the Winder. You will come to know that the original is going to Wind smoothly and easily. However, the fake ones do not Wind easily. You should be verifying the style, shape and numbers. You need to figure out which sort of watches are famous for. You also should notice the movement of the watch. In case, the seller does not remove the back of the watch while showing it to you then they are not the authorized dealers and are not selling the original. Thus, you need to make sure that you are getting the most accurate and authentic Watches.