July 22, 2024


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How to Spot Fake Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana Labels: Generally all their logos are either black on white, or white on black. D&G is their second tier label, and on these lines a hologram sticker is usually utilized. However, Dolce & Gabbana does not utilize the same hologram method for their top tier label. It is speculated that the reason for this technique is that Dolce & Gabbana, being the top tier label and thus manufacturing products to the highest standard, and D&G being the second tier label with their lines being manufactured at a lower quality, would mean that a quality gap is inevitable, making the D&G products easier to replicate. And to supplement that gap, a high quality anti-counterfeiting device is attached to the lesser D&G line. This also leaves some room for error on the part of the counterfeiter, and allows an opening for the buyer to spot the fakes.

  • Top tier = Dolce & Gabbana
  • Second tier = D&G

Labels/holograms: One of the mistakes often seen on the top label fakes is that a D&G hologram label is attached. The top tier label will never use a D&G hologram on any of their products. So any top tier products sporting a second tier hologram, is most likely fake. Here the counterfeiter’s savvy is used against them. Thinking they are making their fakes more believable by putting on a high quality hologram sticker only makes the fake that much more obvious to spot.

Logo Combination: The two logos can only be combined on the same fashion piece if it is on a D&G piece of merchandise. Dolce & Gabbana with a D&G logo is not acceptable. However, D&G with the top tier logo is OK. Use these quick tips to help weed out many of the fakes floating around in the open market. Good luck and safe shopping.