May 24, 2024


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How to Use G-Spot Stimulation and Dirty Talk to Make a Woman Orgasm – Every Single Time

The sad truth is that men who are able to satisfy women sexually are very rare to find. The majority of men lack what it truly takes when it comes to completely satisfying women during sex.

Why? This is because most men do not understand how female bodies work and they do not know what needs to be done to make women orgasm every single time. Keep reading to find out two very powerful secrets in giving women orgasms each and every time you try to give her one.

2 Guaranteed Secret Tactics to Make Women Orgasm – Every Time!

Secret Tactic One: “G-Spot Stimulation Tactic”. The ideal way to make women get multiple orgasms would be by hitting her G-spot. First and foremost, you need to make her feel totally comfortable around you in bed. Keep in mind that she needs to get completely relaxed before you aim for the famed G-spot.

Women never climax unless they are relaxed and comfortable; but, the minute they are in a relaxed state, you can use your fingers to find that G-spot. The G-spot is the area located around 2.5 inches from the vaginal entrance. The minute you touch that area directly, she is sure to reach an orgasm within minutes – or even seconds – multiple times!

Secret Tactic Two: “Dirty Talk Tactic”. This tactic tends to be overlooked by most men. Women are actually capable of reaching a slew of orgasms just by hearing men talk dirty to them in bed.

One great tactic would be describing things you want to do with her and then following through with your words. This tactic is highly underrated, but it actually works wonders. Trust me!