July 22, 2024


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I Want My Penis to Look Big in the Locker Room

Many guys want to look their biggest in the locker room. This is not a “straight” or “homosexual” issue, it is just a natural desire most men have. It’s just like how guys try to “suck in their gut” in the gym in front of other guys. We all want to look as impressive as possible towards everyone.

Another issue is that, after working out, or especially after swimming, the penis gets very “scrunched up”. It is usually housed inside of tight briefs, jock straps or swim suits. And for swimming, that cold water leads to major “shrinkage” as well.

So most men are not at their best size in the locker room, and it is only natural to want to appear at least at you normal size, if not a bit bigger.

So what do you do?

Here’s a quick and easy trick. This is actually what many adult male film stars will do right before they are about to appear in a scene to look their biggest in a non-erect state. They simply outstretch their penis gently, and then hold it there for a moment or so. They then repeat this a few more times. This basically stretches out the penis and it maintains it in an elongated state.

So how do you do this in a locker room?

Here’s how: Go straight to the toilet or urinal after a workout. You likely have to urinate anyway after drinking fluids throughout your workout. Simply outstretch the penis before or after urinating (or just pretend to urinate) and hold it there for a few seconds. Repeat this a second and third time and you will notice that your size has just gone from small and scrunched up to long and larger.

This is a great and simple trick to gain some instant size in the locker room.