July 22, 2024


The Gods Made Home

Important Tips on Home Safety for Women

Domestic abuse and violence towards women are at unacceptable levels. According to statistics one woman is assaulted every two minutes – and 4 out of 10 of these assaults take place in the victim’s home. It is essential that we try to make our homes safer by following a few simple guidelines. Although following home safety guidelines cannot prevent all of these assaults, they can help make you and you family safer while you are at home. Lets take a look at some important tips that can help.

1. Get New Locks & Keys – Unfortunately many women are living in apartments and homes that are not totally secure. Do you know that 64% of American Homeowners have knowingly circulated their key to other people? If you can afford to change the locks do so. This is an easy and effective way to give your house security.

2. Protect your spares – Lend out spares? Have a hidden key? Think twice about doing this. Keys get lost or stolen… people can share info with the wrong people. Be smart and cautious.

3. Maximize line of sight – Make sure you can see people approaching your house and at your doors. Trim shrubs and trees so that you have an excellent line of sight. Have a door peephole or small window in which you can see visitors at your door before opening.

4. Keep Doors & Windows locked – Keep yourself protected by locking all doors and windows, in particular at night. This is a simple task and makes it more difficult for someone to gain entry into your house.

5. Use Common Sense – Have a good porch light and security lighting; be cautious at night when answering the door; leave a light on when you are asleep and when you are away. Don’t be afraid, just be cautious and use common sense.

6. Add Extra Security Devices – This is an essential step. Extra locks, un-pickable locks, secure doors and windows… these are essential steps. Motion detectors and alarms can also be useful. Adding a few affordable and simple security devices can go along ways towards making your home safer.

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