May 29, 2024


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Keypad Garage Door Opener – Pros And Cons

A keypad garage door opener is a device which remotely opens a person’s garage door by entering a code that closes and opens the overhead panels. People typically install it on to their garage wall, either on the outside or inside. This type of electric opener has grown in popularity, especially recently. If you are considering purchasing and installing one, you need to know the disadvantages as well as the benefits.

The keypad garage door opener has several benefits. The first one is that it is a convenient device. By enabling one to open the garage simply by entering a code, it saves on time and effort which one would have used through other means of opening it, like using keys. The second gain is that it is a sufficient backup to a remote or keys. These items might get lost considerably easy, and finding them is a hassle. People who lose these items and do not have the keypad opener might spend hours searching for them, or even be forced to call for an emergency locksmith. This opener is essential to everyone who does not guard their keys with their life. The third benefit is that the opener is easy to use. One only needs to enter the code to operate the garage system. The fourth benefit is that the opener gives a measure of security to one’s garage. As the opener needs a unique code to close and open the garage, it provides a certain degree of security; hacking into it will be challenging. The final benefit is that the opener needs very little maintenance. After the initial installation, one only needs to change the batteries to keep it working. This is immensely convenient.

The keypad style also has several disadvantages. The first is that it is useless when there is no electricity. Even though the keypad itself uses batteries to power it, the mechanics to operate the door rely on electricity. This means that one should not depend solely on it to operate the door; otherwise, they will be unable to get their car out of or into the garage. The second problem is that it is not completely secure. Even though it needs a unique code to operate the system, a determined thief can simply cut through the wires or paneling using sheers, especially if the door uses typical non-insulated materials. The third issue is that the device is relatively costly. This might seem like a waste of money to people that are already comfortable opening their garage doors with keys or even remotes.

In light of these cons and pros, what becomes clear is that the keypad garage door opener is beneficial to some people while is a waste of resources to others. In conclusion, if you have the money to spend on it, it is a worthwhile addition to your garage. In spite of everything, the most significant feature is that it is an essential backup to your keys or remote, which easily get lost.