May 24, 2024


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Living, Working and Investing in Mauritius

The work permit is granted to expatriates for a period of three years. Whether you are an investor, self employed or contract worker, the BOI (Board of Investment) requires that you have a regular income of money on your account. If you meet the selection criteria established by BOI, you will easily obtain a residence permit and work in this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean.

The requirements for obtaining a work permit

An expatriate applying for a license as an investor should have a well structured plan of an activity that generates a gross turnover in excess of three million rupees is 75.000 Euros per year. The emphasis here is on the gross turnover and is the total income before any deduction of expenses such as the salaries paid to employees, electricity bills etc.

Regarding an expatriate contract, the requirements are relatively simple. The applicant must provide an evidence of having a guarantee of monthly salary exceeding thirty thousand rupees, equivalent to 750 Euros. In this case, it is under the responsibility of the employer who takes care of the recruitment application.

Finally, one who applies for a license as a self-employed must have an evidence of annual incoming money of not less than six one hundred thousand rupees, or 15,000 Euros. In this case, the work permit is valid for a period of three years and the permit holder must have a total of 1.8 million rupees. The applicant can vary the required sum for three years in three different yearly income amounts. For example, the applicant can have a turnover of Rs eight hundred thousand rupees the first year, six one hundred thousand rupees in the second year and four one hundred thousand rupees last year.

The process for obtaining work permits and residence

Any applicant for a work permit and residence in Mauritius must apply to the BOI who will then transmit the application to the passport office and immigration. The BOI acts as a sort of intermediary between the permit applicant and the immigration office. The procedure is very simple: the applicant for permit must register with the BOI and he obtained a certificate of registration. Please note that registration is done during the same time as the license application.

In addition, an alien applying for work permits must undergo a full medical examination including a blood test to detect syphilis, hepatitis B and HIV, and a urine test and a chest radio-graph scan. The medical examination may be done by a doctor recognized by the Association of Physicians of Mauritius or so in one of several public hospitals. For information, the results are faster if the examination is performed in a private clinic.

The expatriate must provide a birth certificate and a morality certificate not older than three months. He must also pay a deposit of fifty thousand rupees, about 1.250 euros, payable to the Government of Mauritius. These funds help pay the debts if the person should leave the country precipitately or to pay for removal if necessary. The deposit will be returned to the applicant at the end of his permit to stay in Mauritius.

Once these procedures are completed and if the passport office and immigration has no objection, the expatriate gets his work permit in just three days.