May 29, 2024


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Making Your Web Design Color Choices Sell for You

Colors are such an important ingredient for your web design that this cannot be emphasized enough. We all know that different colors affect the moods of people to varying degrees, so this will also have an affect on your customers’ perspective of your company.

You have probably heard people talk about being green with envy or a person who is in a depressed mood seeing black. Of course seeing red shows a great deal of anger like the bull going after the red cape of the matador. Colors therefore, will affect the various moods of the people who are viewing your website, so pay attention to the following notes about the moods which come with all the different colors.

Neutral Colors

Black is very often associated with death and depression but also sophistication and elegance as in a black tie affair. Often individuals that are selling jewelry for example will opt for a lot of black in their web design. Gray is many times the choice of people in the business world as it signifies reliability and being conservative. These are great business colors for web design provide they are used with a second color. White depicts cleanliness and purity at least in our western culture such as marriage but in the eastern cultures it means death. This is one of the most used colors in web design when it comes to the page color. Brown-gives a homey feeling earth tones grounded. Most often favored by site owners that sell natural products and services.

Cool Colors

Purple has creative abilities royalty especially the darker shades and the lighter ones romantic. Often seen in the web designs for dating site or beauty sites. Blue shows trust and intelligence. It has calming affect on. Green is known to be associate with the negative emotions such as jealousy but the positive side is wealth and having lots of money. One may choose this color for web design if their site deals with money.

Warm colors

Red attracts attention big time emphasizing something you want to stand out and can raise blood pressure so be careful how much you use red when it comes to your web design. Pink is the more feminine interpretation romantic and innocent. This is a color that craft sites or baby sites seem to favor as their web design colors. Orange is known to stimulate appetite vibrant autumn days. Yellow is for happiness and warmth but the reverse is cowardice or weakness.

Now that we have gone over all the various colors we need to talk about the colors which would be complementary for putting on a website. You will have to decide whether you want your message to jump out at the people or do you want to create a feeling of warm?

The atmosphere you want can be achieved by noting which colors would satisfy you the most. The best background color would probably be white as it shows the other colors the best so that they stand out and bring definition. You could have one as the dominant color and use one other as a complementary color. Blend them so it will be pleasing to the eye. If you prefer using one color scheme then you could use varying shades of the same color to different degrees.

Then if you want to grab the attention right away of the potential customer us two or more dominant colors to pop out at them. Remember though this could backfire on you as the vibrant colors could possibly be irritating to many people. Try some different combinations together until you settle on the right combination for your web design.