June 17, 2024


The Gods Made Home

May, June and July Have Passed – Time to Receive a Gust of August Air w/New Life Paradigms to Pursue

**Here it is that time again, that time of year. Time for us to reflect upon what we have learned during the last two seasons just before.Spring and now Summer. Summer is more behind us than near- NOT much happened, nothing spectacular or outstanding staying pretty much the same, much like the month before.

The month of August represents the end of a long, hot, summer- as the sun goes to sleep and sets a few minutes earlier each day and each week more so than the week before.

In August the sunny dawn inspires us to rise a few minutes later, preparing all for the August winds of change. Time to rearrange our thoughts, habits and we must prepare for the inevitable August winds of change. Are your ready to make some much-needed changes in your life? ***Auuu GUST is literally like a gust of air that comes from out of nowhere- An air of aww wanting for us to make much needed changes,gusting and incited by reflective thinking and creating a paradigm shift!

A new paradigm- MEANS That you are responsible for making changes to the regular way of doing something that has been habitual. Perhaps a change in methodology for completing a job or a task. Deviating from your normal or routine actions, or changing what you want to exemplify by reshaping your efforts from the guided, normal or habitual standard method, or from your own way of doing something.

Once again it is time to reflect upon what we desire to invite by the change of paradigm for the Fall season that is coming soon.

May, June, and July were just fine, not spectacular, stupendous or remarkable to report.

Like a gust of wind, AU-GUST is upon us again!(Awwwwww-gust—swooshing in)

It is such a pivotal month for so many of us.

Whether getting ready for back-to-school, end of vacation, preparing to return to your winter house, if you are a snowbird. The time to begin migrating is near. It is time for movement and a change of domicile with a purpose in mind, a solution for warmer climate by avoiding the northeastern storms. We all have plans that begin with the August new moon.. The new moon before the beginning of August, for this year, is very near.

Sooner than later, our decisions will be made, or thrust upon us if we decide to vacillate or procrastinate in our initiative to take action in our decision-making process before AUUU gust presents itself again…

Life will decide for us how to take the next step forward. Or, if you decide to allow yourself to get stuck and stay in neutral and get your feet and dreams stuck in concrete ways that don’t embrace change you will be very remorseful. It is you who must be prepared to live with the consequences of your inaction in making life decisions that involve life-inspiring plans of action.

Like the oceans waves must progress or move, because it is against nature for them if they stayed the same, neither do I and neither do you need to nor should choose to remain the same.

The changes that we invite by a paradigm shift are to help us uplift our lives and to bring new actions and energy to our circumstances. The new energy comes in the form of goals and dreams and hard work by preparing readily for manifestations taking place when action placed with intention and energy is taken.

Manifestations need little interference, just give the thoughts clearance to release themselves by entertaining the positive thoughts in your energy.

GO with the Flow in the knowledge that is more than enough to know that you are blessed, deserving and worthy to receive the rewards of YOUR OWN HARD WORK!

As long as you are not stealing from another, taking liberties of anything that was not created by you, or as long as you are not out of balance: you will manifest positive goals, dreams and desired outcomes.

**Be aware that by staying in higher energetic synchronicity your manifestations will materialize with no karmic fallout or ill-effect biting back at you at a later time, or on a later date.

Make August the ripe and right time of year to make your financial plans, goals,dreams or higher objectives molded into concrete strategies.

The time is now to take affirmative action. August air is inviting breezes of change, bringing new life paradigms, in your life for you, and for you alone to engage.Enjoy Awwww-gust of new energy! TM

***I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously! TM