April 23, 2024


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Neo Protect – Know How To Remove It

What is Neo Protect?

It is a bogus security application which claims to secure your system but in reality it degrades it. This application is available on internet and gets entered in the system when you visit any unauthorized sites. This rogue program makes use of several illegitimate tactics to deceive computer user so that they can download and buy its full version. It prompts various misleading pop up alerts and disallows you to perform any tasks on computer. Always beware of this rogue application while accessing the internet. And if unfortunately it gets entered in your PC then try to remove Neo Protect at its first detection.

Effects of Neo Protect:-

  • Shows fake pop up alerts or warnings
  • Corrupts registry files
  • Makes system slower
  • Demean the system performance
  • Creates various duplicate files
  • Generate problems in internet explorer
  • Corrupts various files and leads to data loss

Files created by Neo Protect:-

This fake application creates various files at different locations. Whenever these files get executed, then it affects other important files and makes it inaccessible. The files associated to this rogue application contain various perilous codes whose execution makes the system ruined. So, it is quite necessary to remove Neo Protect to make your system secure and protected. Some of its files are as such:-

  • Neo-protect.exe
  • smsuux.exe
  • smsmupdater.exe
  • neopupdater.exe
  • uninst.exe

Howone can remove Neo Protect?

You can get rid of this application manually after following the given steps:-

  • Open Windows Task Manager by pressing Alt + Ctrl + Del button
  • Select all the executable Neo_Protect processes
  • And then click on End processes

You can also use registry editor to delete the existing registry values. You will have to detect and delete the related Neo protect files. But sometimes it happens that you fail to find the hidden files and hence your system remains corrupted. In this situation you will have to use Anti Spyware software. This software is available with auto scan feature which thoroughly scans the PC, extracts a list of all the existing Neo Protect files and finally delete it. This tool easily eliminates all the virus and malware attacks and hence makes your PC protected.

But, only removal of this application can not returns the better performance and speed of system. To regain the incredible performance you will have to use PC maintenance tool. This amazing tool removes the infected files, also check the corrupted registry files and ultimately enhance the PC performance.