May 24, 2024


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Panic Attacks – Symptoms & How to Spot a Panic Disorder

Have you ever thought that those periods of extreme stress might not be normal, and that you might be suffering from something more serious?

Panic attacks are sudden, often unexpected periods of intense anxiety and fear.  Each person’s experience is different, but no matter what combination of symptoms you experience, panic attacks should not be tolerated.  

Look through the list of symptoms below. If you experience two or more of them in sudden bursts, chances are that you may be suffering from panic disorder. 

Self Diagnosis — Common Symptoms of a Panic Attack:

1. You startle easily, or suffer sudden panic or anxiety.

2. You feel that everything depends on you – if you stopped, things would fall apart. 

3. You can’t find any pleasure or enjoyment of life.

4. You can’t concentrate, and your mind is constantly filled with ‘chatter’.

5. You feel like you’re detached from everything or you’re in a dream. 

6. You find that the world around you seems blurred or very bright.

7. You fear losing control, that you might do something extremely embarrassing in public. 

8. You find yourself very afraid of something that you usually think of as normal.

9. You suffer from excessive energy, and cannot relax, you must be constantly on the move.

10. You constantly look for aches & pains that might help you define your condition.

Don’t ignore what is happening in your body when you experience these feelings. And you must recognize the symptoms for what they really are.

Only then can you hope to stop the symptoms of panic disorder and eliminate the problem.