July 22, 2024


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Party With Celebs – How To Get Into The VIP Room Of The Club For Free

Who can resist the allure of partying behind the velvet rope? But for those of us without celebrity status, money to splurge, or good promoter contacts, getting into the VIP room can be a difficult feat. Lucky for you, I have spent the last eight years mastering the art of getting into the VIP room. My tactics have been proven time and time again, in the most exclusive clubs throughout the country. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be bumping elbows with Diddy, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, and Chris Brown in no time.

1. Look hot! You will have to in order to get past the scrutinizing club bouncers. Carefully select your clothing, shoes, hair style, shoes, accessories, and scent. It’s not enough just to be physically attractive. You have to look like you belong in the VIP room. This doesn’t mean that you should go overboard. Sometimes less is more. Check out sites like tmz.com, bossip.com, perezhilton.com, and mediatakeout.com to see what kind of looks your favorite celebs are sporting when going out on the town. Of course, stars can break the dress code that some clubs will have, so be careful to check the website for the club you’re going to, and make sure the club doesn’t have any restrictions that could get you left standing outside in the cold.

2. If you have never been to the club before, scout it out as soon as you get in. Figure out where the VIP areas are (sometimes there will be more than one), and which are the true VIP areas–the areas where the beautiful people and celebs will be–not just local party-goers celebrating birthdays with their friends. Figure out which bouncers are guarding the area and whether people who are being allowed into the area are wearing wristbands.

3. If people are wearing wristbands, try to figure out who the promoters are. They usually carry wristbands around with them, and can often be found at the door (or somewhere close) if you get to the club reasonably early. If you can’t figure it out, ask someone who has a bracelet where they got it from, or ask a bouncer. Once you identify the promoters (or whoever is giving out wristbands), just walk up to them, and ask if you can have one. You never know. They might just give it to you, which will make your night a lot easier. This is how I got my first VIP wristband at a nightclub in D.C. The cool thing is, once the promoters saw me with a wristband that one night, they started giving them to me at almost every other night I want out. Remember, the key to this is looking as if you belong in the VIP room. If you look like you belong there, people will assume you do.

4. If you cannot get a wrist band, you’re gonna have to use your charm/hot outfit. Go over to the VIP room before it gets too crowded. This is very important. If the VIP room is already crowded, it can be difficult for people who actually have wristbands to get in. So make sure you take your chance before it is too full, and before any head-lining celebrities get there.

Now, you can take one of the following two approaches.

Approach #1. Walk up to the bouncer, smile at him sexily, and attempt to casually walk into the room. I know it sounds silly, but 75 percent of the time, the bouncer will just lift the rope for me. Now, you do have to prepare yourself for the possibility of being stopped–an experience which I have endured, and of course, never feels good–especially if people see. If you’re feeling particularly hot, smile at him, and ask him if you can get in. If not, back up, walk away for about 20 minutes and try the second approach described below (or watch for a potential “shift change.” You may have greater success with a different bouncer.)

Approach #2. Wait until the bouncer lifts the velvet rope to let in a large group of people–preferably with several hot girls. Figure out a way to get mixed up in their crowd and walk in with them. The key to this is moving quickly and discretely.

5. If neither of the approaches described above work, try to get to know the bouncer as the night goes on. Find out his name and where he’s from. Act like you’re interested in him as a person–not just getting into the VIP room. Ask him if he needs you to bring him a water or anything. Be prepared though–most bouncers are accustomed to these kind of ploys, and he may not be willing to entertain your conversation. But the water offer should distinguish you from the other girls trying to get in.

6. Once you’re in, enjoy it! The VIP party is way better than the general population party! But be warned. Once you go VIP, you can never go back!


• I have found it easier to get into VIP rooms when I am by myself.

• If you are going out with a group of girls, make sure that everybody follows these steps–particularly Step 1. A weak link in the group will destroy your chances of getting in, even if you’re hot.

• Use the restroom and get a fresh drink before going into the VIP room. Some VIP areas will have restrooms and bars, but some will not. If you do not have a wristband, you should not risk leaving the VIP room, so you want to go in aptly prepared.

• Once you’re in, do not stare at, or initiate unsolicited conversation with celebrities. For one thing, you don’t want to look like a rookie. For another, if you annoy a celeb, you could get asked to leave the VIP area.

• Talk to people while you’re in the VIP room. Most of them will be in there legitimately, and if you make the right friend–especially a promoter friend–you may not need to use this article to get in next time!