May 27, 2024


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Portable Sink Units Are Excellent Partners for Dorm Room Occupants

Dorm life can be quite a challenge. You are considered lucky if you can get a single room all for yourself. But the most common thing that can happen to you is that you’ll end up sharing the room with someone else. Single room or shared, the amenities that you will find in your dorm room are very limited. What you’ll have is a basic bed, mattress, closet, dresser, desk and chair. Depending on your dorm building, you can have a bathroom within your own room or expect to find a communal bathroom where all of the residents in your floor will have to share.

One of the many setbacks in dorm living is that you won’t have a sink or running water inside your room. Although the bathroom sink is just down the hallway, you’ll probably need something more sanitary where you can wash your coffee mug or your eating utensils. There are many dorm rooms which allow you to bring a microwave, a toaster oven, a small fridge and a hot pot with an automatic turn-off so you can do a little cooking for yourself. Whenever you are allowed such things, you need to have a portable sink unit with you.

Portable sink units are excellent partners for dorm room occupants. These things are well-equipped with the basic features of a functional kitchen sink. You’ll have your stainless steel basin, faucet and counter which you can use for clean dish washing and hand washing. The communal sink you have in your dorm building will certainly be full of bacteria and germs. Imagine cleaning your glasses, fork, spoon or plate in there and you just might end up with contaminated utensils for later use. It would also be a bit distasteful to rinse your fresh veggies or fruits like carrots, cucumbers and apples in your communal bathroom. But with a portable sink, you can have sanitary place that meets health and licensing codes that you can use.

Water supply and waste collection is not a problem with the portable sink units. Each unit contains fresh water and waste water tanks. Clean water can be supplied in 5 gallons while the waste water can be collected in 6-gallon tanks. They wouldn’t appear as an eyesore as they are encased inside a beautifully-made wooden cabinet. Getting the sink arranged inside your room won’t be a problem as caster wheels are fitted underneath it so you can easily push and pull it to where you want it placed.