May 24, 2024


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Prostate Gland – A Man’s Sacred Spot

A lot might think that the penis is the man’s sacred spot. Well, the penis might be an important part of a man’s body but it is not the most sacred part. The most sacred part is the one that can give the most exhilarating orgasm there is. And it is none other than the prostate gland. A prostate massage can trigger a different kind of feeling that can only be experienced when having a prostate orgasm. So what is prostate massage and how can a prostate orgasm happen?.

The prostate gland is as small as a walnut and is located at directly underneath the bladder. It is not far from the base of the penis and is near the wall of the anus making it easy to access through the anus. Doing a prostate massage to the prostate gland can provide different kinds of sensations to the body.

For example, the sensation that ejaculation brings can be felt when the prostate gland is being massaged. Since there are glands in the wall of the rectum, it can provide a different sensation once touched. The feeling is almost the same as when the penis is ejaculating. Since the anus is sensitive and it has a lot of nerves, it can provide a different kind of pleasurable feelings. Thus, it is also called the internal penis or the male’s g-spot.

Fingering is usually done to be able to massage the prostate gland. It can be done alone of with a partner. First and the most important thing is to be hygienic and to wear a latex glove that is lubed. As you insert, it should be pointing at the navel’s position. After that, a forward and downward motion should be done to massage the prostate. It is highly recommended to be aroused while doing this since arousal can cause the prostate gland to swell – making it easier to access the prostate. It can then cause an ejaculation of the prostate gland – excreting the semen that was in the prostate for a very long time.

A long, long time ago, the Ancient Chinese, the Hindus and the Pharaohs of Egypt used this process to ensure the longevity of the offspring. Some years ago, this can only be done in a medical facility with a highly trained medical staff. But nowadays, it can be done by anyone and with enough practice, even alone. Most men use the finger in doing the prostate milking, but there are also tools that can be used to make the process easier than the normal. One of them is the vibrator. It can be used and it can also cause different sensations since it is bigger than the normal. Another one is the drumstick. You can buy one at a music store, cover it with condoms. The drumstick is highly recommended since it is thinner than the vibrator and it can easily slide in and out of the anus.

Another effect of massaging the prostate gland is the psychological high that it can bring both to the giver and the receiver. When doing the process, a man is in a vulnerable situation making the feeling of a powerful mental rush for both. The idea of naturally controlling the man willingly and submissively gives pleasure to both the giver and the receiver. However, this kind of experience is usually being treasured by the giver.

Prostate massage is a very good way to not just satisfy your sexual satisfaction but mostly to improve your health. However, the best thing to do before doing a prostate massage is to consult the doctor for any precautions that should be made before the actual process.