May 27, 2024


The Gods Made Home

Protect Your ClickBank Download Page

ClickBank is clearly the top digital market place in the web world and it has brought out a whirl round in selling digital products and has been the stage for many possible authors who would not have been noticed in the real world publishing. Let’s not limit it to eBooks, any digital product that is sold in the ClickBank may have little or no chance to be sold without a platform like ClickBank. Has it not made it possible to linger the entrepreneurship in every vendor in their network?

However there is an inherent delinquency which has been overlooked by click bank. Digital product theft is one of a never solvable problem with ClickBank. However people find a backdoor to get a pirated version. Following are the various possibilities to get free downloads:

• A product can be stolen by weak ‘Thank you ‘ page URL that may be easily guessed

• A complicated url shared by one customer to his friends

• By just mailing the product itself as an attachment.

Apparently there is no one ultimate solution to sweep of product piracy, but there are ways to bring down the number of free downloads.

The existing protection methods such as ClickBank protection script, a complicated URL are very weak or not easily accessible. ClickBank offers a code to protect your ‘thank you’ page, it is definitely good but the catch is however good the code may be a vendor needs technical expertise to customize it to each of your products. The complicated URL method can always be shared by one customer to his friends and hence subsequent loss of sale.

I am a web developer and I get several customers (ClickBank vendors) asking me to protect their Thank You pages (from being posted in forums and search engines). Based on ClickBank API, I recently protected download pages for a client. In the process, I also saw that many other vendors charging about $50 per month. I would say its a STEAL.