July 22, 2024


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Review of Benchmark Fiberglass Entry Doors by Therma-Tru

Doors are not made equal. Exterior doors, such as the front door, are the most exposed to climate change and repeated use. Fiberglass is now a preferred surface material for doors because it does not rot, warp or crack like wood, nor does it rust or dent like steel. Traditional doors are a throwback to the time of exquisite handcrafting and craftsmanship but this artistry would be wasted on wood surfaces that would soon fracture and crumble too early. Benchmark fiberglass entry doors are now some of the most popular for new homes and replacement doors for old homes that once had wooden doors like mahogany or oak. These products are backed by the Therma-Tru name, pioneers in fiberglass doors, and exclusive distribution by Lowe’s stores. As wood doors are sliding from staple to next best, fiberglass doors are gaining interest. Architects and remodelers want to know how to find the right ones and make the most of those.

Benchmark fiberglass entry doors are increasingly known for achieving a balance between design and price. They are good-looking but affordable, an attractive possibility to savvy builders and homeowners who may be on a budget. Their classy designs mirror handsome doors of old but clean lines harmonize with unexpected elements like glass and metal. At the same time, their reasonable prices compete with real hardwood doors that reigned over the market with an iron hand in the past. The real test is in weathering and usage. If your location is troubled with fluctuating outdoor conditions, or if it is a high-traffic area requiring a new door, you should have a realistic budget with a ceiling for a top-of-the-line product. For a low-traffic area, especially inside the home, you may opt for something charming and mid-priced.

The promise of a long-lasting, energy-saving product that offers peace of mind adds to the appeal of Benchmark doors. They feature a “leak protection pad” that has been designed like a special corner pocket to block air and moisture where it is most expected to penetrate. Dual bulbs and dual fins make a heavy-duty door bottom sweep that further seals up against air and water infiltration. These enhance the quality of energy efficiency attached to fiberglass, which provides three to five times more insulation and lets natural light inside homes. The door sill has been developed to resist rotting and corrosion, with a cap using non-wood composite material and adjustable hardware using stainless steel. Greater resistance to rotting and insect damage can be had with the optional jamb, primed and ready for painting. An optional three-point locking system promises increased security. It has also been constructed from stainless steel and is resistant to corrosion.

Therma-Tru Doors, which owns the Benchmark by Therma-Tru brand, specializes in doors made from fiberglass rather than steel, composite material or wood, specifically, pre-hung entry doors and door systems. It manufactured the first fiberglass entry doors more than 25 years ago. With Benchmark fiberglass entry doors, the company is working on establishing an expertise in other aspects of the door business on a par with veteran manufacturers such as Masonite, Milgard and Feather River. An order delivery system and aftersales service are examples of those other aspects that have great impact on buyers. As Benchmark entry doors are pre-hung, you can choose do-it-yourself installation or professional installation, either by exclusive carriers Lowe’s or a company you have contracted. Unless you are skilled, installing a door yourself would most likely be troublesome. If the door area must adjust to a particular architecture, design or age of the house, you should probably obtain a professional installation service on your own.