May 29, 2024


The Gods Made Home

Sending Parcels to Denmark the Safe and Secure Way

It’s all windmills and yellow brick houses in Denmark isn’t it? It’s not a country that’s hugely popular as a tourist destination and probably not on your top ten list of places to go to before you die but it’s a whole different kettle of fresh smoked fish if you’re in business. Denmark has a reputation for being a serious contender in the business world, with people from across the globe looking to the country for a precedent in all sorts of situations from financial to political.

It’s amazing that people want to live and work in Denmark when you consider that income tax ranges from 42.9 per cent for those in the lower wage brackets and a whopping 63 per cent for those in higher brackets; it quite frankly makes our top end of 40 per cent look positively generous. But before we start bowing down and thanking our wonderful hung parliament, let’s remember that the standard of living is considerably higher in Denmark than it is in the UK. Sweeping generalisations aside, the crime is lower, education is better and because of the lack of natural resources, business must be good enough to keep the entire Danish economy afloat.

The scale of business in Denmark means that freight and international shipping is important, as well as modern technology and the instant nature of information which the internet offers, worldwide shipping keeps trade and business personal and interactive, preventing the world of business and globalisation from becoming entirely faceless. Sending parcels overseas, whether it’s to Denmark or anywhere else in Europe, is cheap, reliable and fast, all the things you want from the standard postal service but undoubtedly fail to get. Couriers to Denmark are in abundance so there’s no need to rely on unknown Denmark courier services to get important items to important people because all the big fish offer great shipping services that won’t break the bank.

So assuming then that you’re not all that interested in visiting Denmark and putting windmills aside, don’t cut off all ties to Danish businesses or colleagues that have moved over there for higher taxes and cleaner streets, get on board with parcel delivery to Denmark, express mail delivery and the sheer brilliance of international freight and overnight delivery; sending parcels overnight is almost as quick as sending an email overnight and waiting for the response. Whatever you need to send, don’t forget that parcel delivery in Denmark and in Europe is often cheaper when you use a courier and you’ll probably find that it’s more reliable too.