May 29, 2024


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Small Ways To Slice Your Home’s Energy Bills Through Renovation

12 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills & Create an Efficient Home

The cost of living crisis is hitting us all – and even though inflation is showing signs of slowing down, everyone is feeling the effects of the economy. One of the main ways that this can be seen is through energy bills, which are seemingly growing at a faster rate than ever before. However, there are many ways you can renovate your home in order to slash energy bills – as well as adding value to your home. Here are 3 home tips you need if you want to save yourself some money! (Top Tip: Always make sure that anyone you get to perform construction work on your home has construction NVQs and training so that you can ensure you get the best work. 

Update Your Appliances

One of the most underrated ways you can slash your bills is through keeping appliances up to date. Over time, your appliances such as your kettle, toaster, and coffee machine become less efficient at using energy. This means that using them takes more energy than if you kept them updated. When you invest in modern, efficient appliances, you can save hundreds per year as well as making your home look more stylish. In the long run, this could be a very cost-effective way to slash your bills.

Invest In Your Soft Furnishings

Keeping your house warm has everything to do with the soft furnishings you invest in as well as the structure of your home. Investing in high-quality carpets, rugs, curtains and furniture is one of the best ways you can keep heat inside your home. As well as adding comfort and style to your home, they could help insulate and trap heat inside your house – making your home energy efficient. When you look for soft furnishings for your home, make sure that you’re looking for heavy and thick fabrics to keep your home insulated. Thick fabrics will also last longer, so you can make your home a bit more sustainable. 

Update Your Shower

Cutting your shower time down could save you a lot of money on your energy bills – but you can go one step further. Updating your shower head can drastically improve your home’s energy-efficiency. Eco shower heads can reduce your water output to 7 litres per minute, when on average, a showerhead can use up to 12 litres per minute. This means in a 5 minute shower, you could save 35 litres of water and significantly cut down your water bills. Most eco shower heads also use the energy to heat your water more efficiently, cutting down your bills even more. Update your shower with an eco shower head, renovating your bathroom and saving you money! If you want to get your shower retrofitted, make sure that your contractors have retrofit training to be able to do the job properly. 

The world will need to invest in green skills training in order to get the world to net zero – by developing the skills to make your home energy-efficient, you could save a lot of money, as well as the planet!