May 27, 2024


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Solar Panels and Home Made Wind Turbines – Which One to Choose For Your Residence to Save Money

DIY Solar Energy and Wind Energy: A Primer for making the Choice For Your Residential Use Both solar energy and wind energy can be utilized at home. Are you in a situation of doubt as to which source of power to use at home? If you are, then read on. This article might clarify your doubts regarding which of the source to use. We will give you a comparison between solar power and wind power classified under different heads for your easy apprehension.

Availability: Solar energy is derived from sun and as you it is the only source of power, independent of the location. Wind energy is derived by conversion of Kinetic energy of the wind. Production of wind energy requires constant flow of wind and not many locations have the advantage of constant wind flow at an average speed.

Quantity: 12 volts of DC (Direct Current) is produced by a solar panel. Joining many solar panels can form an array. The number of solar panels required is directly proportional to the electricity requirement of a household. The current produced by the wind differs with the turbines used. The wind turbines are capable of producing about 50% of the available capacity. For e.g. a wind turbine capable of producing 10kwh many not produce 10kwh unless the required wind speed is achieved. The Production of depends upon the wind speed.

Cost Factor: Various companies are working on cost reduction aspect of production of energy from these sources. At present solar panels are available at a lower cost than wind turbines.

Maintenance: The solar panels ones installed need no maintenance up to 20years. But after 20years you will have to replace the panels, as the cells will have worn up. But remember that, you will have saved more money without paying power bills and will be required to spend only a fraction of it to replace the cells. Wind turbines can last longer even though they require maintenance in the form of lubrication and change in bearings and other parts that gets depreciated with use.

Suitability for home purposes: Not many homeowners are interested in wind energy due to their disadvantageous location. Moreover wind turbines are a bit costlier than solar panels. They also require frequent maintenance. Solar panels are easy to install and can be fixed at the rooftops while wind turbines are suited to windy slopes or seashore.

Wind energy is currently used by industries that have acres of plain land were they can fix the wind turbines.

Home owners at present, have a preference towards solar energy. We can hope that in near future the cost of production of wind energy will fall down considerably. Till then the households can use solar power for their home. If you need to know more about the solar and wind energy applications for homes and instructions to switch your residence to energy efficient home visit the author’s website for complete details. Solar Power for Homes Free.