June 14, 2024


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The Beauty of Interior Window Shutters

Window shutters are of two types- interior and exterior. The ones inside generally pivot on any of the sides of the opening of a window and generally swing from here to there in order to permit entrée to window or light to the room. They usually allow direct sunlight to flood into the room. However, you can adjust this light according to your needs. They can be angled and moved according to your comfort levels oy by opening and closing them according to your settings.

Interior window shutters also have louvers and slats that circle up in a rotational manner when they open and close, making the light escape in parts. The airflow follows and the surge of air is stoppable. The louvers can be operated accordingly and are sometimes referred to as traditional shutters. They were popular in ancient times. As you know, air conditioners or even fans were not present in that era.

These louvers helped continuous airflow from outside by giving fresh air when and where needed. Some of the louvers are also known as plantation, California or fixed shutters (also known as statutory shutters because these are fixed and they do not rotate or flap when and where needed). In this, solid panels can be raised from a particular height to the fixed point, depending on the settings. These louvers can be recessed or lay low, like flat in the tinted glass. Their beauty lies in the fact that they have a single tier at the top of the window by making a flawless cut at the bottom. These shutters can open independently without any problems and you might have noticed them in pubs or cafes. These shutters usually are portrayed in many of the “cowboy-style” movies.

They can also be made at full height with a horizontal driver rail that separates the lower and upper portions.