May 29, 2024


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The Best Penis Girth Exercise to Increase Your Penis Width

The ability to increase the length of your penis is great but that is only half of the equation. Today we are going to show you a great way to increase the second part of that all-important lengthening factorization, the girth. Although there a load of men who seem to be pleased with the length of their penis there are just as many that are unhappy with the girth of that unit. This review will talk about one of the top ways to increase the width of your penis and do so effectively and simultaneously with the length increase.

6 Inches

Before we get started with this exercise here is some interesting information: On the average, most male penises are less than four inches long although the average size is nearly 6 inches long. There are several exercises that are free for you to try out in the comfort and privacy of your own domicile and we will show you a great one right here and right now! This is one of the most-trusted and highly-successful girth-adding penis exercises around today and will be a value to the entirety of your penile enlargement program.

Being Careful

Please have a good look at this exercise so that you can receive a good feeling about both the way to do this form of penis girth widening and that you are really ready to get thicker! We feel that you are already at that place in your mind and heart that is ready to have a bigger and wider unit! This exercise is only one of many great set-ups that can and will increase both the size and girth of your penis. Be very careful before you dive right into any PE exercise or improvement program and exercise since it is a very important tool of your entire anatomy that you are presently holding in your hands. It is not a bicep nor is it a rigid muscle that can be just worked to exhaustion and then put up and taken out and like magic it is thicker!

Warm-up Before Starting any Penis Enlargement Exercise

Take an Inventory of what you will Need

Warm Towels


Start with Either Hand in the OK Grip Position

Work Out Length of Penis 5-10 Minutes

Notice that the quality and the actual massaging technique are left to your imagination. This is done on purpose so that you will be able to make a very unique but highly-effective penis girth enlargement program!