May 27, 2024


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The Effects of a Steam Room on the Skin

Steam rooms have a number of wonderful benefits, especially for our skin, that help to reduce signs of aging.

Steam rooms cause us to sweat quite a bit.  Many of us often think of sweating as a negative thing.  It invokes feelings of being dirty or smelling bad in many of us.  However, sweat is actually an amazing process which is incredibly helpful to our bodies. 

For one thing, sweating is how we humans regulate our body temperature.  If we can’t sweat we become more prone to heat sickness, heat exhaustion and other illnesses.

When we use a steam room, we sweat.  Sweating opens up the pours in our skin and helps to get rid of all sorts of build-up of debris and dead skin cells that can accumulate over time.  As a result, steam rooms can be even more beneficial for people with certain forms of chronic skin conditions, such as acne.

Another benefit of a steam room for our skin is that the heat from the steam room can actually increase the circulation of our blood. That process can actually invigorate our skin and make it much more healthy, which is also where a “healthy glow” comes from.  This happens because more oxygen and nutrients are moved out to the surface of our skin.  This also helps to increase collagen production in our skin cells.

Collagen is a very important building block in our bodies.  It helps bone strength, determines cell shapes and helps blood vessels to heal wounds in our bodies. Collagen also partially helps with the strength and elasticity of our skin.  As mentioned earlier, elasticity and strength of our skin affects things like wrinkles.  The healthier your collagen levels, the more your risk of wrinkles can be reduced.

It’s also certainly worth noting that steam rooms can help to reduce our over-all stress levels.  When we are under constant stress our bodies tend to age faster and we tend to get more problems, such as wrinkles and bags under our eyes.  Steam rooms are an excellent way to take a moment and remove some stress from our lives.