July 22, 2024


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Things You Should Know Before Choosing External Wall Cladding

Most commonly it is non-structural in nature and may also be functional. In addition, it also includes a degree of water-proofing and makes it a suitable barrier against wind and water.

It is available in different forms depending upon the material used in manufacturing. The material used in manufacturing is metal, composite sidings, PVC, stucco, fiber boards, and stones. In addition to different forms, the cladding is also available in different colours, sizes, and shapes to suit customized requirements of the customers.

As there are different types of wall cladding available, one should be aware of the information that can help you to choose right external wall cladding. This information is required because choosing a wall cladding is not a child’s play. These are some of the consideration that should be kept in mind:


Insulation is the prime quality of the wall cladding. The cladding you are choosing must be good at providing the complete insulation. It will help you to reduce your electricity bill by maintaining a moderate temperature in the house despite of extreme climate (like spikes) prevailing outside. For this purpose, layers of insulating foam are inserted prior to the installation of cladding.


An external wall cladding should be good at protecting from harsh environmental conditions. In short, the cladding should protect the house against hail, harsh sunrays, heat, cold, snow, corrosion, dirt, rain, salinity, and others.


Quality is also a major factor to concern when choosing an exterior cladding or exterior wood decking. The cladding you choose must serve its purpose for a long period of time and it will be so if and only if it is of high quality. If the cladding will maintain its finishing for so many years then it will also add value to your home.


Every home owner makes a cost benefit analysis. On the other hand, it is also necessary not to compromise with the quality in sake of getting a cheap product. Remember that cost must be reasonable. For this, make a deep market research. Online media can help you to find a manufacturer that will provide perfect combination of cost and quality.

Ease of installation

No one can deny from the fact that solid wood flooring has the feature of easy installation. In the same way light weight cladding is also easy to install.


Maintenance is one of the important factors that should be considered before you choose wall cladding. Choose a sturdier surface of the cladding that doesn’t require maintenance in short interval of time. That is because maintenance requires a lot of money to spend.


If you want to give your home an elegant and classy look you should go for timber. Timber is a material that provides a classy look and chic appearance to the exterior of the house beside the disadvantage of high price and maintenance.