May 24, 2024


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Three Ways to Use a Digital Photo Frame As a Conference Room Aide

Large businesses, or any business with a regularly used conference room, has probably from time to time run into the question of how to best manage and display booking information for the available conference rooms.

Digital picture frames, conveniently placed just outside each room, or in a central area, can make this task a problem of the past. Frames can be placed on a small table or stand outside the conference room, or they can be easily mounted to the wall right outside the door as well.

Display a Weekly Schedule

Using Powerpoint, it is quite easy to create slides that would show a weekly schedule of events for each conference room. All you have to do is export each slide as a jpg image, then upload that image to your digital picture frame. In this manner the frames can be kept constantly up to date with the latest information for the week. Employees can see at a glance who’s scheduled to use the room already, and then figure out what time works best for their own events.

Display Upcoming Events

Depending on your venue, displaying juicy details about upcoming events could be a great way to raise interest in them. Advertising keynote speakers or the topics to be covered could be a great way to boost registration.

Next Session Details

While a seminar is ongoing, you can easily display relevant details to registrants outside the door. What will be covered in the day’s schedule, where the best lunch options are, what time each session starts and finishes, speakers for each section, etc.

Wireless Digital Frames Are Ideal

Wireless digital photo frames are ideal for this type of task. Although it is possible to have an employee manually update each frame via USB or a flash card, it would be far easier for them to do the updates on a daily basis wirelessly, through your existing wireless network. Wireless digital frames are on average $50 more expensive than the non-wireless ones, and think of all the time and hassle that you will save by taking this route! If you have multiple frames, they can all be updated at the click of a button rather than taking a minute or two walking around to each one. Wireless digital frames are definitely the most efficient option for displaying up to date conference room information in a business.