May 29, 2024


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Using Dynamic Rugs Brilliant Rug Collection in Your Living Room

Decorating the living room can be easy but at the same time it can also be very hard; which is why the versatile Dynamic Rugs Brilliant Rug Collection is such a delight for decorators. While you can visualize the look in your mind, it doesn’t always turn out the same way. Walls can be decorated with pictures and paintings, windows can look great with colorful curtains but when you choose the flooring it is usually a more permanent fixture that is not changed as easily.

You can rearrange your pictures on the wall to change the look of your wall, that’s easy. You can change the color of the curtains by purchasing a different color or purchasing a set for every season, that’s also easy. Flooring can be expensive and that’s why most people go with one bold move that will last for a long time; full carpeting or hard wood flooring.

If you want to keep the color balanced in your living room you need to use a neutral color or earth tone color on your floor. Using a light hard wood stain and accenting your floors with the oriental style rug that is beige in color like the Dynamic Rugs Brilliant 7211-820 Linen will help you achieve that warm and inviting look. Using the beige color on the floor will help you focus on brighter colors on the walls. This balances out the room and looks relaxed and inviting to everyone who visits.

You can add a rustic look to your home by placing the Dynamic Rugs Brilliant 72240 Oriental rug down in your living room. The main color in this rug is red, which is usually a bold choice but for this rug it is only an added highlight because the red is not overpowering but soft. You can add a neutral color or earth tones on your walls and curtains to allow the red Oriental rug to stand out in its own way.

Blue is a color that can be used in any room of the house, including the living room. The Dynamic Rugs Brilliant Blue 72284-920 is an Oriental rug that offers a pale color blue to give you a splash of blue without overpowering your entire room in blue. If you like blue and want to work it into your color theme of your living room you will want this Oriental rug on your floor. If you have beige, red, yellow, or green in your living area you will want to add a touch of blue with this Oriental rug. This rug is not only blue but it is accented with a light brown tone to help the look blend together with your living room.

Remember to accent your room with curtains and floor covering. Your walls should have preference as to what colors you will be using in a room. The curtains should compliment the walls and the floor should provide the final touch by giving the room a “feel” whether it is bright and lively, warm and cozy, or entertaining and inviting. Your living room is also an expression of your taste as well. Don’t be afraid to display what makes you happy in color and style.