June 14, 2024


The Gods Made Home

Will You Be READY For A Home, Of Your Own?

A core component of the so – called, American Dream, has, for ages, been owning a home of one’s own. While it’s nice to dream, unless someone is ready, prepared, and properly positioned, financially, and in terms of attitude, for home ownership, however, there is a potential risk, of the dream, becoming a nightmare! How can anyone, be sure, or nearly so, he is READY for this commitment, in a meaningful way? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, discuss, review, consider, and explore, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and why it is so very important.

1. Residence; relevant; research: We all have several options, in terms of where, to live, and set up, our residence! Why do you seek to live in one particular place? Before you purchase any house, explore your reasons, in an objective, introspective manner. What are your reasons for opting for a particular place? Will you consider location, the house itself (positives and negatives), your personal finances (now and into the future), what your personal priorities are (and why), what’s the most relevant considerations, etc? Before one buys, he owes it, to himself, to do some quality research!

2. Energy; employment; emphasis: Know as much about any projected home, as possible, so you are prepared for as many costs, etc, as possible. One, which many, ignore, is the amount of energy used, including heat, electric, insulation quality, options and alternatives, etc. Also, consider whether your employment is somewhat, secure, and if you have the job security, and financial reserves, to enjoy your new residence! Know where to place your emphases!

3. Age; attention: Always know the age of the structure, and any alterations, and upgrades, as well as when, major systems, such as heating and air – conditioning (HVAC), roof, hot water tanks, windows, doors, etc, were originally installed, and request a maintenance schedule, to know when, and how often, and consistently, they were maintained and inspected. Be certain to hire a Home Inspector or Home Engineer, to inspect, all aspects of the subject property. One should pay keen attention, to detail, to maximize the eventual enjoyment of any home.

4. Delve deeply; dreams: While owning a home, might be the American Dream, what about this particular one, meets your demands, aspirations, needs and dreams? Delve deeply, into the variables, and so – called, bones, of the house!

5. Yes: you: What about a particular home, will say, yes, to your needs, etc? Home ownership should be about you, and your needs, goals, aspirations, and potential happiness, and life!

Are you prepared and READY for home ownership? A wise, happy, homeowner is a prepared one!