July 22, 2024


The Gods Made Home

WOTLK Gold Farming Spots – A Gold Seller’s Favorite WoW Farming Spot

Finding the right WOTLK gold farming spots is a very time consuming task. You have a very large area to cover that holds a lot of mobs. You will have to stop at every camp or area filled with mobs and start killing them to see if it’s worth farming there. That can take a long time for anyone, no matter how good they are. I had to do the same thing, but I got a lucky break.

I started looking for good spots to farm for crafting resources. I wanted one where I would get several types of ingredients in one single spot. But I didn’t find such WOTLK gold farming spots. But one day, fortune smiled upon me.

I noticed a character that people have been saying that he was a gold seller. He was heading towards South-East Wintergrasp. I thought that he was probably going to make gold, so I followed him. The spot he uses must be a really good one, since he makes tons of it.

After several minutes, he stopped and started killing mobs. After spying on him, I saw what he was doing. So here is the spot that I regularly use now.

In this region, called Cauldron of Flames, South East Wintergrasp, you will find some small fire elementals. You don’t need those. If your faction controls the zone, Revenants will appear. These are the mobs you want because they always drop crystallized fire. They also drop green items and trash loot.

The trick to this spot is that, if you are an Engineer, you can also extract crystallized fire from Cinder Clouds. You should do this while you wait for the Revenants to spawn. They have a really big respawn timer, up to 5 minutes.

You can also move a bit South and kill Tempest Revenants for crystallized air. So this is a very good spot where you can get a couple of very sought after ingredients. I was able to get around 200g within half an hour. No wonder the gold seller would come here.

I have been using this spot for a long time now and it never let me down. You just have to make sure that your faction controls Wintergrasp and you’ll be set. You can even farm crystallized life not far from that spot. In case you have to wait too long for respawns. I hope I helped put an end to your search for WOTLK gold farming spots.