May 27, 2024


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4 Reasons to Give Your Man Space After He Finds Out You’ve Cheated

When your boyfriend finds out you’ve cheated you’re going to have to give him a little time to come to terms with it. Men and women see cheating a little bit differently. Women often blame themselves when men cheat. Men are more likely to blame you.

You can apologize all you want but your boyfriend is going to need a little time and space in order to come to terms with the fact that you’ve cheated. It’s going to take a little more time for to convince him that you really do want him even though you’ve cheated. But, why does he need this space?

1) His pride is wounded and it takes time to heal. Even beyond hurt feelings and a potentially broken heart, wounded pride is difficult for a man. Men need to feel as though they are giving you everything you need. Despite the swagger of most men they need constant reassurance that you admire them. Cheating on him with another man doesn’t send that important signal. Give him a little time to really remember all the ways you’ve shown him your admiration during your relationship.

2) His heart is broken. By cheating on him you’ve hurt him deeply. Men may not wear their feelings on their sleeves like some women do but that doesn’t mean they aren’t deeply affected and hurt by the fact that you’ve cheated. He’s going to need a little time to come to terms with the pain and he isn’t going to want you to see him cry. He will want to save face to some degree so the time and space you give him will allow him that opportunity.

3) He needs time to sort through his emotions and decide whether or not his love for you is strong enough to override his feelings of betrayal. Love can conquer many things but it has to be stronger than those things in order to do it. This is something he needs to decide for himself and won’t be able to decide if you’re constantly there confronting him with not only your desire to work things out but also his feelings of hurt and anger.

4) He needs a little taste of life without you. No matter how much he loves you or how much he believes he wants to work it out if there are any doubts being without your constant presence and reassurance in his life will be the deciding factor.