May 29, 2024


The Gods Made Home

Basic Clearing Ritual: Energy and Space Clearing With Charcoal

Energy and space clearing dates back to the ancients. It is impossible to trace who first created and developed the practice, because this is a ritual present in all cultures around the world.

There are many ways to conduct a clearing. I discovered using charcoal by accident. I had carefully kept a bag containing several pieces in my bedroom at our ancestral. Now, I have been here for about a month, and had been performing intensive clearing. I already had a couple of charcoals positioned in different areas of my room (for about two to four years, I cannot recall the exact number). But I originally placed them there for a different purpose. Thus, I was surprised when I came into the room and chanced upon the this. As soon as I swung open the door, it gobbled up a field of energy into it. I was completely taken aback that I immediately bent down to inspect this.

Facts confirmed, I set off at once to arrange several of them in different areas of the house. Similar to crystals, they are an interesting and unique form of consciousness all on their own. Getting acquainted with them was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had as an energy worker. I also learned more about salts in the process, but let us save that for another topic.

I recommend three ways of using charcoals for energy and space clearing. Let us go over each one.

Initial General Clearing Session

When working with charcoal for the first time…

Do this both inside and outside your house (or any space you want to clear). Focus especially on the very dense rooms for about two days to two weeks.

I. Prepare a bowl or tray laid with salt (sea rock, Epsom, or Himalayan pink salts). Place five or more pieces of charcoal blocks on top of the salts. If you are clairsentient, get a feel of how concentrated the density of the place is. This will help you estimate how many pieces you actually need.

II. Bless the bowl/s of charcoal with your intention.

III. Leave the bowl or tray on top of a high cabinet or table. Or place it close to the window or door of the room/s.

It is ideal to do this for all rooms within the house (or building/site). But if you do not have the liberty of doing so, do this for the rooms you have access to.

IV. Make sure to recharge the charcoals, together with the salts, daily. There are two simple ways to do this:

1. Light up a candle and place the bowl/s of charcoal close to it.

2. Place the bowl/s of charcoal under direct sunlight.

V. Clear out the charcoals and salts approximately after five, seven, or 14 days. Do this depending on how dense the site is.

For an extremely dense spaces, you may have to clear out the charcoal sooner. For such instances, it is best to combine this with a burning clearing ritual (bonfire or burning bowl). Howbeit, I recommend using charcoals prior to burning ceremony, because they have two different functions.

A period of at least two days to two weeks before the ceremony will allow the charcoals to “absorb” the low frequency energetic fields. This gives you some time to go through an observation period of the situation you are actually dealing with. At the same time, you get rid of most of what you do not have to deal with.

The bonfire/burning bowl procedure makes use of the element of fire, which is quintessential to ultimately disposing the charcoals. Lighting up fire also provides the crucial “closing energy” to the process; it breaks through the fields and consumes any remnants.

It is crucial to permanently clear out the bowl/s of charcoal by burning them. Do not just cast them out or throw them in the trash. When performing the burning clearing ceremony, remember to bless and thank the pieces of charcoal (and salts) for assisting the process.

Repeat this entire process as necessary, especially for very toxic, dense sites.

Using Charcoal for Maintenance (Space Energy Support)

Do this only after you have done the previous step above.

I. Arrange a new set of charcoals (with salts). Similarly place them in bowls or trays.

II. Place them in unobtrusive places (such as on top of a high cabinet) or on the window sill. It is best to place them where there is direct sunlight (this allows them to recharge… thereby prolonging their use) or where they can get a lot of ventilation (this also supports their recharging by giving them enough “breathing space”). If you have a patio in front or behind your house, this is also an ideal location to place them.

Take a moment to assess where you place them. They are very responsive to all the elements within their environment. Put them in pretty bowls and trays. Surround them with flowers and other inspiring items or colors (they respond positively to bright colors).

However, if you work with Selenites, it is best to use them separately and to keep them apart, especially in instances when you are clearing a very dense site.

A warning particularly for the clairsentient: It is best to position the charcoals where they are not too close to you. If you would like to have a bowl close to your work table, select a spot that is at least six meters away from you. Make sure there is sufficient ventilation and sunlight. An open window would be the ideal location.

Eventually, as the energy of the place improves and clears up, it will be best to move the charcoals from their usual places. Apart from the patio, place them at the highest windows (if you have a second floor). Keep a bowl with at least two pieces at the bathroom/s, kitchen, living room, and areas where you receive and entertain visitors.

III. Recharge them daily or weekly, especially if you keep them in dim places. (See above for process.) Recharging them prolongs their use.

IV. Clear out your charcoals regularly by burning them. Similar to the process above, it is best to clear them out by performing a burning clearing ritual.

To Alleviate Body Pain

Please note that this is not to provide permanent healing to any area of the body that is painful or ill. This serves as a first aid procedure. Please use your power of discernment and intellect as well to judge whether the circumstance is appropriate or not.

Let us quickly go through the dynamic behind this. This will give you a better idea if a situation is suitable or not. As explained above, charcoal “absorbs” low frequency energy. And then it literally breaks it down, within it. It goes on by processing these structures (similar to digesting) until it fully extinguishes the microcosmic low frequency structures. This can take awhile. That is why fire is the best way to permanently clear charcoals. Fire does exactly the same thing within a faster timeframe.

It is best not to use charcoals to lessen any ascension-related symptoms during extreme portal passages. A specific instance is when you realize that a lot of energy clearing is going on with your body and ether fields. Charcoal may only hasten and bolster the clearing process (more than what your physical body can manage), causing more soreness than ease.

I am very sensitive to food. But I am not a huge fan of prescription medication. I have used charcoal a number of times to relieve me of the “butterflies in my stomach” feeling I get often.

For the purpose of alleviating body aches…

Take a block/piece of charcoal and place it on the area that is painful. Leave it there for as long as necessary. When done, recharge or burn the charcoal immediately.

After recharging, store it for future use in a properly sealed container. This will keep it from absorbing energies in its environment. It is recommendable to choose an ornate or plain bright colored box/bag.

Whether you decide to store or burn it, remember to thank and bless the charcoal. Ask the Angelic-Archangelic to permanently clear out the energies.