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The Gods Made Home

Boobala Darling Wins A Cruise: Part 7 of 9 (A Fictional Story Staged In Brooklyn)

Doomsday: She’s As Good As Dead

Boobala had gone to the mall after school to buy her outfit for the wedding and to try on some makeup. The sales girl experimented with the cosmetics and Boobala was overwhelmingly pleased with the results. She brought some home so she could apply it the way the sales girl taught her. The next afternoon after school she went back to the mall wearing cosmetics. It was the first time Boobala wore makeup in front of people. She felt a little self-conscious. She also had been working extremely hard to lose weight and to firm up, which she managed to hide from mama’s curious eyes with baggy clothing. Wanting to look tempting to Harry on their wedding night, she decided to buy some sexy lingerie. She couldn’t believe how expensive everything was and how quickly the money was gone.

Little by little, Boobala had been removing some of her clothes from the house, taking them to her small apartment in her backpack. So far, so good. She was doing well keeping her secret from mama. Harry, acting the part of the big spender, told her not to worry about the clothes, he would buy her whatever she wanted after they were married.

To cover her tracks, Boobala told Mildred as she’s leaving the house for the store that Myrtle had invited her over for dinner. She would probably be home late. She was going to go to the mall to pick out a gift for them. Mildred, having no reason to doubt her daughter, told her to have a delightful time.

No sooner had Mildred left the house, Boobala rushed to the apartment to get herself ready. She was in a fever of excitement. It was her wedding day. She was the first one to arrive at the Justice of the Peace. Harry rushed in a few minutes after she did out of breath, holding some droopy flowers, looking as if they were picked off of a tombstone. Billy Boy and Sheryl were trailing behind him as his witnesses, mumbling that they had to park several blocks away. Harry was dressed in jeans with holes in them and dirty sneakers. With his back pack in hand, he asked the Wedding Officiant where he could change his clothes. When he came out, he was wearing his wrinkled silk grey suit with a pink button down shirt, tie, and dress shoes. He looked fearfully self-conscious and uncomfortable. He felt like a geek. He hadn’t noticed Boobala when he first came in, but when he saw her now, he was shocked at the transformation. She looked exceedingly pretty with curly brown hair flowing to her shoulders, wearing cosmetics and no glasses. Her eyebrows were mostly plucked and painted, making her hazel eyes look larger with the help of a little eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner. She was dressed in a light blue trim fitted suit which enhanced her body. He couldn’t believe his eyes. She even had lovely rounded breasts. Her heels made her seem taller. “Wow,” he said. He wanted the ceremony to be over with so he could get down to serious business. ‘I guess I won’t be needing Stefania tonight,’ he thought to himself.

The Wedding Officiant asked Boobala and Harry to stand before him, requesting the rings to be produced as he began the ceremony.

“If there is anyone present that feels these two should not be married, please speak now or forever hold your peace.” Boobala was terrified at the question, thinking that mama would jump out of the shadows protesting the marriage. After a moment of silence, they started to breathe easy as the Officiant continued his speech.

“Do you, Harry, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

Harry, summoning courage, said “I do.”

“Please place the ring on her finger.”

Harry was so scared that he began sweating up a storm. Interrupting the ceremony, he loosened his tie, unbuttoned his collar, and rid himself of the suit jacket. How he wished he could switch back into his ripped jeans and sneakers. Boobala’s face turned bright red from embarrassment. Boobala was distraught when she saw the band. It looked like something he picked up at the dollar store along with the wilted flowers. Harry, sensing her agitation and fearing that Boobala might change her mind, put his arm around her. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll buy you a ring that is a 100 times better than Myrtle’s when we can afford it.”

The Officiant, clearing his throat, looked at the couple and said: “Please, may we continue with the ceremony?”

“Yeah sure,” Harry responded.

“Boobala, Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

After a moment of hesitation she said “I do.”

“Please place the ring on his finger.”

“By the power vested in me by the great State of New York, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your beautiful bride.”

Boobala Sarah Finkenberg could not believe that she was now Mrs. Boobala Darling. A married woman just like that. It was finally over.

Harry darted out of the room to change back into his ripped jeans and sneakers. Boobala was disappointed that not even a picture was taken of them. They had to walk six blocks to where the car was parked. What a pair they looked like, Harry in his ripped jeans and she limping in her suit and heels. The silence in the car was awkward. You could feel the tension in the air. Even Billy Boy’s spicy jokes fell flat, which made him feel like an ass. Finally, reaching the apartment, Billy Boy dropped them off, saying: “Hey Harry, you want me to pick up a pizza and a couple of beers?” To which Harry shrugged his shoulders, looked at Boobala and responded: ” Yeah sure, why not.”

No: 9 (9-11-2011)

To be continued: Part 8 of 9 of Boobala Darling Wins A Cruise