July 22, 2024


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Bowflex Workout Machines: How Much Space Do You Need

The people that market Bowflex fitness machines profess that they are the home equivalent of a total gym workout in one small package. But how much space do they really take up? And can you get an acceptable workout from them? The truth is, you can get an excellent, gym quality workout from a Bowflex machine. And they don’t take up much space at all ( particularly when they’re not in use).

Each Bowflex model is different in its actual dimensions. Thus, the space requirement is dependent on the machine you choose. However, most Bowflex machines come on wheels and fold up to roll away for easy storage. So space really isn’t an issue, even in smaller apartments. Just hide your Bowflex away when you’re not using it. This helps keep your workout space free for other activities when not being used for exercise.

Here’s a breakdown by Bowflex model of the space you’ll need, both open for exercise and folded for storage:

The Bowflex Sport Fitness Machine

This one has a workout footprint of about nine feet deep and almost seven feet wide. It extends about seven and a half feet high. The folded footprint is fifty-two inches long by thirty-eight inches wide. The total workout space needed is about ten feet by nine feet, the size of a small bedroom.

The Bowflex Xtreme XTLU Fitness Trainer

This is a smaller fitness trainer than the Bowflex Sport. It has a workout area of seven feet by six feet. While it is designed for a smaller area, this Bowflex does not have the fold up option and requires a permanent dedicated room in your home. It features more of a vertical workout style than the Bowflex Sport and comes with leg extension and leg curl attachments.

Bowflex Xtreme XLU Fitness Machine

This is a smaller version of the Xtreme XTLU discussed above. It requires a workout area of five feet by six feet.

So What’s The Difference Between The Xtreme XLU And The Xtreme XTLU?

You can perform about sixty different exercises on the XLU. On the XTLU you have over sixty-five different exercise options. Plus it comes with a leg curl and leg extension attachment. The attachments require more floor space, so the XTLU is longer by about two feet over the XLU. Other than that, these machines are very similar.

The Bowflex Ultimate XTLU Total Gym Workout System

If you have sufficient space, you might want to consider the largest of the Bowflex fitness trainers. It has a workout area of seven feet by nine feet. Although it requires a fair bit of space, it folds and rolls into a closet or other area when your finished your workout. The XTLU is the biggest and most effective total gym system Bowflex manufactures. You can perform over ninety exercises on it and it comes with a number of attachments that need ample space to be used properly.

Each Bowflex model can be purchased with or without attachments that customize it’s size and exercise capabilities. Be careful when buying that you pick the right combination of machine and accessories to fit the space you have available.

Measure the dimensions of the room your going to use your fitness trainer in, and then check the Bowflex website for exact dimensions of each machine you are interested in purchasing. This ensures that the fitness trainer you buy will work in the space you have available. Nothing is worse then getting your brand new workout machine delivered, only to find out that it won’t fit and needs to be returned.