June 14, 2024


The Gods Made Home

Does Your Writing Space Work For You?

Whether you are a professional or aspiring writer, your writing space is very important. More so than most other professions, as we soak up the inspiration from our surroundings and both consciously ad subconsciously put it into our work. It is worth evaluating your current writing space and asking yourself if your writing area is a help or a hindrance.

Static or Mobile?

With the brilliant age of wireless and laptops, writers are no longer chained to clunky machinery and are able to choose where they want to write. Author Johnny Nexus used his 40 minute each-way commute to write his novel “Game Night”. Whilst that might not sound ideal to some, it does show how mobile writers can be. Some writers benefit from having a permanent work station set up in their home, whilst others find inspiration in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors or bustling coffee shops.

Clutter or Clarity?

Once you have decided on your work space, it’s good to evaluate what items you want to see around you. A clear desk can give a writer calm and clarity of mind, enabling them to avoid distractions and focus on the article, feature or novel at hand. If you like things clean and simple, try stripping your desk bare of everything but for your computer and see if it increases your concentration. For other writers, a few objects for inspiration may help. An unusual rock or fresh flowers can add some depth to your working area and perhaps even offer inspiration. If you have a pin board, perhaps those shopping receipts or ticket stubs will act as a muse for your next piece of fiction.

No Distractions

Writing can be very hard, and harder still if you have the distractions of hearing your family chatter in the other room, or taking a break for your seventh cup of coffee in your local café. Whilst breaks are important, if you find it difficult to concentrate, you should help yourself by minimising distractions. If you are on the Internet, close down your instant messenger applications and emails and think about coming off the Internet altogether. Make sure your family understand when you can be reached, hide the phone and shut the door. If you are out and about, this is harder to do so ideally find somewhere that is quiet and works together with your own methods of concentration.

Comfort is Key

Your writing area has to be somewhere that you enjoy spending time, make sure you are well supported and have a good posture at your desk. A range of materials can be found online about ideal posture for working at a computer for long periods of time.

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