May 29, 2024


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Home Security Systems: A Guide on How to Secure Your Home

If you are thinking ‘home security’, chances are you are already the victim of a burglary attempt or somebody close to you has been burgled recently. If you are one of the cautious few who lock the stable doors before your horse bolts, you are exploring security systems at the right time. By installing an alarm system in your home, you are sending out a signal that it is going to be tough entering your home. This in itself serves as a deterrent to potential burglars who usually stake out homes before they make their move.

There are several types of home security systems that have their own distinctive features, benefits and shortcomings. The key to selecting a good system lies in your hands. You can either go the wired way or opt for the wireless system. Wired systems are good only if you are just planning to build your home, otherwise you may have to break the wall to install the wires.

You can go in for motion detectors using infrared, body temperature detectors, smoke detectors, and even those that you can control remotely through the internet. Technology keeps changing and improving so fast that you will find newer and improved means of protecting your home on almost a daily basis!

Here are a few simple pointers on how to find out what level of protection your home needs.


1. Large family household with one or more members staying at home throughout the day

2. Just regular stuff at home with nothing extravagant or expensive

3. Hazy schedule of family members: Some days you go early to work, some days late, some days you work from home. No fixed days for grocery shopping, etc. Erratic weekend outings, etc.

4. Active neighbourhood where there is a lot of people coming and going, children playing, etc.

5. Families with one or more dogs.

6. Homes that can be viewed clearly from the street with no trees or bushes hiding access points.

7. Regular police patrolling is done in the neighbourhood


1. Apartments with no security guards

2. Families with one dog left alone at home

3. Regular work schedule where all members of the family leave at a particular time and return at a particular time

4. Homes not easily visible from the street and located in a quiet locality

5. Moderately expensive gadgets and other items


1. Affluent neighbourhood where everybody minds their own business

2. House is well hidden behind a driveway with lots of trees and shrubbery

3. Filled with high-end expensive gadgets and valuables like jewellery, antique furniture, etc

4. House left empty for long intervals

5. No dogs and all members of the family follow a strict schedule everyday

According to how you determine you are placed as far as risk is concerned, a professional security consultant will be able to guide you on the type of alarm system that you should go in for. It goes without saying that the lower the risk, the lesser you will have to spend on home security.