July 22, 2024


The Gods Made Home

Teak Wood Flooring Adds Timeless Beauty

Hardwood floors are a great choice for any home. It adds a solid, warm, and timeless feel to any home, and installing hardwoods is a great way to improve any room, or an entire home. Teak wood flooring is especially exceptional as far as both quality and appearance go.

It is a kind of hardwood that is known for its durability, weather resistant qualities and it cannot be easily invaded by insects and parasites that can possibly destroy the wood. There are even some varieties that are acid and fire resistant. This is mainly due to the natural oils that are within the wood. Teak is among those that are chosen to be the best wooden material for building just about anything.

Teak is also coveted for its natural beauty. It requires no staining or additional color to be added, and doing so would actually hinder its ability to repel both insects and water because it locks in its natural oils. It comes in a variety of warm colors from a golden yellow tan, to a deep reddish brown. Oiling is not necessary, but can be used to bring the colors out more, and more specifically to show off teak’s beautiful natural color patterns and variations.

There are several types of teak flooring that includes Burmese, Brazilian and golden teak flooring. Like any other wood flooring, teak does need a little care and attention for it to last for a lifetime. Poor maintenance would mean destroying your precious flooring. Frequent sweeping and mopping will be all it takes to protect it from stains and damages. Eventually teak will begin to turn a grayish color; this is perfectly natural and doesn’t affect the strength of the wood. If you don’t like this coloration, you can use a teak cleaner which will remove the upper layers, and return the original natural colors.

Though this kind of flooring is a little bit costly, it is worth the price because of its very long usability and the homey feeling that it gives out. It adds a simple but attention grabbing and timeless beauty to any home.