May 24, 2024


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Make Sure You Have Enough Storage Space on Your Digital Camera Memory Card

It’s fun to shop for a digital camera. Today’s cameras come with a host of special features and bonuses. You can use them to capture still shots, of course, but you can also record short videos on many of today’s digital cameras. But the one piece of digital photography equipment that many pay too little attention to is the digital camera memory card.

This isn’t a surprise. Memory cards aren’t exactly fun. They’re not exactly sexy. But they are absolutely necessary.

Digital camera memory cards store the photo that you take with your camera. These shots remain on the card until you either erase them or send them to your computer for future printing.

The key is to make sure that your memory card has enough storage space for your needs. You don’t want to be spending all your time sending photos to your computer because your memory card doesn’t have enough storage space. This takes away from your valuable photo-taking time.

Here’s the first rule of thumb: Expect to replace the card that was originally shipped with your camera. The odds are good that this card boasts a low amount of memory storage. Manufacturers rarely provide high-quality high-memory cards with their digital cameras.

Next, plan on buying a digital memory card with at least 1 gigabyte’s worth of memory. This will allow most digital photographers more than enough storage space to hold their photos. It’s hard to estimate how many photos you’ll be able to hold safely on a 1-gigabyte card. Variables affecting this number include the type of camera you are using, the way you are saving your photos and the resolution of your photos.

In general, though, you can expect to hold more than 100 photos if you’re using a 1-gigabyte digital camera memory card with a standard digital camera.

This should be more than enough space to capture all the moments you need, whether you’re attending a college graduation, your daughter’s softball game or your nephew’s first birthday party.

So don’t forget about your digital camera’s memory card. It’s one of the most important accessories you can buy.