May 24, 2024


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Room Divider Screens – Different Varieties Suit Different Tastes And Budget

If you would like to include a room divider screen in your home decorating project, you are not alone. More and more people are looking forward to use a room divider screen in their home and office not only for its utilitarian value but also as a decorative piece. There are a variety of room divider screens available in the market to suit everyone’s taste, requirement and budget. Let us look at the broad classification of room divider screens available.

Based on design of manufacture, they are classified as 2/3/4 panel room dividers, movable or immovable room dividers, folding/self standing divider etc. Their weight can vary from 20lb to 70lbs and more. Prices vary from $50 to a few hundreds and even a few thousands of dollars.

Materialwise, room divider screens can be classified as wooden dividers made of various quality woods including pine, bamboo, seagrass, birch, hardwood etc, metal room dividers made of iron, brass etc, dividers made from fabrics including canvas, leather/faux leather and glass dividers.

Based on their function, they can be classified as indoor, outdoor, storage etc. Further classification would include antique, contemporary, modern etc.

They can also be classified in terms of style. There are oriental room dividers with an Asian touch of painting, Japanese Shoji screens and decorative room dividers from India. People who like a French look may be interested in one of the room dividers with elaborate metal handwork. People who love art and people who like a soft touch to their decor can go for the wooden/fabric room dividers tastefully painted with natural sceneries. People who are traditional, who like antiques or a tropical touch to their decor would definitely be attracted by the wooden room dividers with intricate, handcarved decorations.

With such an array of room divider screens available, there is definitely a room divider screen to satisfy everyone’s needs, taste and wallet.