May 27, 2024


The Gods Made Home

Infinite Space As an Alternative to the Singularity

I have often wondered about the Big Bang Theory. I understand why it is the current favorite for the beginning of the universe. When we look out into space, everything is moving away from us. It would stand to reason that our universe began as an explosion. Wind the clock backward and everything ends up in a central mass. Que the explosion, birth of the universe, everything spreads out and the universe as we know it begins to evolve.

Another problem with the theory that had to be resolved was how parts of the universe that are too far apart happen to be the same uniform temperature. Again, this was solved by claiming the universe was at one time small, came into existence and then a period of inflation followed. This allowed for the uniform temperatures we see when we look at the cosmic background radiation. But why can’t this also be a uniform cooling of space from a reaction that tore through an existing medium rather than the expansion of space itself?

I’m thinking the early universe could have been comprised of nothing but dark matter. There was no free energy, no nothing, not even gravity because, since nothing existed there was nothing to experience gravity. And who knows if gravity effects dark matter? We only know that it has an effect on matter and that is only from observational evidence. Since there isn’t enough stuff in the visible universe, we have Dark matter to solve this problem. Dark energy may be nothing more than a leftover from the event that created the universe. That is to say, only this Dark Material existed before the known universe with the known universe and dark energy coming later.

So, this is the hypothesis I imagine. Infinite space in all directions comprised of dark matter. Some instability occurred that caused a small portion of this matter to destabilize leading to free energy that cooled to form quantum particles; which came together to form particles that went on to form Hydrogen. Hydrogen begins to come together due to gravity forming the structure of the universe we see today with galaxy clusters forming along filaments with large voids in between. All of this existing within a medium of left-over dark matter.

The increasing expansion of the universe being driven by the pure dark matter universe that exists beyond this expanding chain reaction. So, we have some of the dark matter reacting to become free energy with some left-over dark energy. The energy forms matter and the matter form the universe that is being pulled outward faster and faster thanks to the gravitational influence of dark matter. In this way we don’t need to have a singularity expanding and we can answer the question of what the universe is growing into. It’s spreading out into the existing dark matter universe. The dark matter universe IS the universe with our matter universe continuously forming within this medium, free energy released from dark matter.

So, is this possible? I don’t know. I just don’t like the singularity, because I have trouble envisioning what exists beyond the bounds of the universe. By supposing our universe is the result of an unknown reaction set in motion within and existing medium, space isn’t expanding into anything. It exists within a large, infinite background that has always existed. Perhaps a true form of nothing with something growing within.